Friday, February 20, 2015

The Boys - February 2015

It really does seem like the boys are just growing right in front of me.

Little JCrew is getting so tall. He is built like his Poppa.

Mr. Brigglesworth is still short and stout, but creeping up on catching Little JCrew.

We still get the comments about if they are twins.

Their manners are there and it is so cute. Mr. Brigglesworth says, "yes" with a slow nod of the head. Recently he has now started saying, "Yes, I do."

And both are good about saying, "Thank you." Saying, "I'm sorry" has been a work in progress. Both are stubborn but as long as I don't force it, I catch them apologizing to each other often.

Little JCrew has a crazy imagination! As we played with play-doh last night, he created a hot-air balloon. I thought he had made broccoli, but he quickly corrected me.

Mr. Brigglesworth is rough and breaks things. He brings us the broken stuff and accompany's it with, "It happened."

They both still love school and get very upset when the schedule is thrown off. (Like taking Wilks to the doctor and one goes without the other.)

Little JCrew had surgery on the 26th and you would have never known. He was back to wrestling the next day, and that night his only complaint that was he couldn't run because he was slow.

And with the snow dusting this week, the boys wanted to play in the snow. I didn't get any pictures, but they were all about making their footprints and putting on all the cold-weather gear.

Today, school's are closed due to the snow coming this afternoon. The boys will be so excited for more. Stay warm and have a great weekend.

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