Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Framing Home Strech

Another weekend with a lot of updates!

On Friday, we had some rainy weather, but the crew worked inside. They were busy getting the stairs ready.

They finished the hip roof over the kitchen, so I finally understood what they were doing.

It was originally, just a low sloped roof that would be metal, but for some reason, it needed to be changed. The plywood could then be applied to the back.

Felt was laid on the stair hip roof, and a little detail piece was added to the top of the gable.

Horizontal pieces of wood were put in-between studs.

Anything that could be done on the inside, was done.

And I see the reason for part of the master trey ceiling not being finished. They were using it for access while we had no stairs.

On Saturday, we saw the crew taking apart the garage. They had assumed it was the same the whole way across.


I was willing to tolerate it, but the crew realized their mistake when it came to where the garage and kitchen roof meet.

It is now SO MUCH better!

I am happy they corrected it. It gave a little more detail to the back porch by correcting it.

The lead framer was there checking progress, and he told us we could go upstairs!! Woohoo!

I had not yet seen upstairs, and I was so excited.

The boys will start off sharing Little JCrew's room.

But when they get older, they have the option to move into separate rooms.

There is also a spare bedroom for family and future kids.

On Monday, the crew finished up the decking and felt for the garage.

The crew also boarded up Mom's gable on Monday.

Her porch is so cute now that it has a roof on it. She will get a metal roof over her porch.

And they started boarding up the front of the house. I was told they wouldn't do the front until they started the front porch. The front porch is the last thing left to do.

Besides the porch, there is a couple odd-end things to finish that they left to do on a rainy day. Then the wrap will go on and we can get windows, door and shingles! 

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