Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rain, Rain Go Away

If it’s not been snow, it’s been ice or it’s been rain.

March 2015

From Sunday on, we’ve had nothing but rain. Last week, we had the threat of ice, and I pick snow over ice any day! But the next week (this week) was forecasted as sunny. By Saturday, that forecast changed and we could expect rain all week.

We have been framing for six weeks now and it has flown by and felt long all at the same time. It’s not until I look back at my timeline, do I realize how much time we have lost due to the weather.

February 2015

I have an Excel file where I document weather and the actual tasks that were completed that day. But I also have my Project (.MPP) file that is what helps me predict the impacts of things. Excel can’t do that.

From my original forecast, we are behind. I predicted we’d be finished with framing by March 6th. I’ve now been told we have another two weeks. It’s not bad. It’s actually what I’ve been working towards, but I had high hopes I was being conservative with my timing. I never thought weather would impact us so much. I knew it could, but our crew promised to work in rain.

Back in December, when we met with our framer, he said he worked in the rain. He wouldn’t work if it was thunder and lightening, but if it rained, he’d be there. Well, if you have anyone ever promise to work in the rain, they are lying. I didn’t expect snow or ice to be worked in. The foundation is dangerous with ice, plus getting to and from the job site is dangerous. People up north can do it, because they are prepared for those conditions and have special equipment they invested in. But I had a misconception that rain would not derail us. However, it has been explained to me that at the point of framing we are in (trusses and roof) it is too dangerous to work in the rain. The lumber can be very slippery and a fall could result. We don’t want that. 

My patience is growing. This has been hard. It’s hard to see it rain and snow. I usually love the weather changes. Especially now when I want my garden to come back alive. But when building a house, I want sunny skies!

I anticipate cartwheels and jumping when we have a roof on the house.

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