Thursday, March 12, 2015


Last week, I thought our second floor framing was ALMOST complete. Turns out, it was complete. The front wall of the closet that is missing wouldn't take shape until we started laying trusses.

On Saturday, the crew focused on the garage. We got particle board on the sides of the walls.

And the door openings were framed in.

A beam was placed on Mom's side porch.

And a beam was placed on the back porch.

What I love about this porch, is the view. I made the garage jut out a little bit to hide the view of the neighbor. The rest of the view, is just beautiful trees.

But the progress didn't stop there. They started putting up trusses!

This was over mom's side of the house. I was so excited!

On Monday, the crew started trusses over the second floor.

You could see the different angles the roof takes.

Tuesday, it rained, but we had another lumber delivery. This delivery included felt for the roof and tech-shield OSB for the garage. The garage won't have foam insulation, but the tech-shield will help it feel like it does.

On Wednesday, the crew was back out and made excellent progress.

The trusses over the left side of the house and the kitchen were laid.

The trusses between mom's part and the second floor (if that makes sense) were also laid.

I did notice where my attic door was suppose to go, will not fit, or will need to be a short door. I'm not too hip on short doors to attics, but it would still be a walk-in attic. Decision time.

The house is now really tall. I didn't think it would feel this tall.

When designing the house, the roof line was so important to me. It really can add character. Just wait until it has its final dressing on. Then it will come alive!

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