Saturday, March 14, 2015

Month Two Statistics

We closed on our construction loan December 31, 2014. We had our lot staked out the same day and the lot was being cleared by the next. Rain was coming, so we didn't start digging our footings quite yet.

When building a house, you have "Draw's" as a way to pay invoices. Because we are doing a lot of the coordination ourselves, we have multiple invoices and not just one from a builder. But I keep the invoices organized by the "Draw" they correspond to.

Month One marked the milestone of having our foundation complete. We only had one "Draw" at that point and were waiting on the second. Draw One correlated to the footers being complete. Draw Two correlated with the foundation being complete.

At Draw One, we were on schedule and under budget. Woohoo!

But by Draw Two, we were over budget, and still on schedule. I maybe should have waited to provide monthly metrics after I got Draw Two, but I was anxious.

For Month Two Metrics, I waited for our third Draw. And with the weather, we've been waiting a while. Draw Three relates to the second floor decking being complete. This can mean different things to different people. If you have a two-story house, it could mean that you've framed the first floor and laid the floor joists for the second floor. Or you could take it as completing the framing for the second floor. We used the latter.

At Draw Two we were over budget, but Draw Three came in under budget to get us back closer to our goal. We are behind schedule by a week (Look at all those rain/snow days!)

The reason for Draw Two to be over budget was because of a fault when we changed things. Originally, we thought we would use ICF from the footer up. We then changed it to be block for the foundation and use ICF for the first floor only. We reduced the quote for ICF, but forgot to raise the quote for a block foundation. We only had the garage quoted as block. OOPS!

For Draw Four, the milestones we reach are felt on the roof, windows and doors. That's coming up! Should be next week.

I did change the color thresholds for the earned value. Because our project is short compared to years-long projects, I made the parameters tighter. I also had the monthly metrics calculate schedule data based on dates. But for the cumulative metrics, I calculated the metrics based on the number of tasks completed. That's why they say different things. We've accomplished a couple more tasks than planned, but we are behind date-wise.


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