Monday, April 6, 2015

Framing Officially Complete

The framers have completed our job and moved on to their next. On Saturday, I was there and I had this sad feeling. They were gone. My framers had become my friends. They took care of us for the last eight weeks. Little JCrew and I both helped them at points during the process. Little JCrew looked up to them. The framing is the longest task during a build, so of course, you're going to spend the most time with them.

The framers finished the bird boxes and the last of the windows.They focused a lot on the outside their last week.

They created the eaves at the end of the roof line and built out around the front door.

The mason brought it to our attention that there was a ju-tout above the front door that we would have to match below for brick purposes. I was fine with that!!

Window tape was put around the wood-framed windows.

ICF windows use Mastic to seal to the styrofoam.

The eyebrow roof was framed over the back door.

The inside had little details to finish. The fireplace was framed. We had the wall, but the fireplace measurements were framed. The fireplace will be delivered on Tuesday.

 And the master shower got its window wall framed. The wall was there, but they framed where a piece of glass will be.

The last thing they did was install the temporary doors. The frames are good, so when the real door slabs come in, we'll switch them out.

With solid doors, the house feels different. It took away some of my views.

It makes me appreciate the decision to go with glass doors. It will open the space back up.

And on the very last day, they finished the detail on the stairs. I designed a curved ceiling above the stairs. I love to see the details used to create it.

The garage doors got their final framing.

And the walls with brick, got their brick ties.

Brick Ties

The plumber came out last week, and I'll create a separate post for his efforts when he completes his work tomorrow. The roofer has also come and did the flashing on the joints. 

We are waiting on the siding guy for his availability to open up before we can lay the shingles. We're trying to avoid messy footprints that will cost more time and money to repair shingles.

Our framers were originally going to install our siding, but their boss wants them moving on to the other projects he has on his list. I understand, but that leaves us in a bind. We had to find someone new to install our siding.

This week won't have too much action, as we're waiting on the siding guy. He is backed up, like most contractors, due to the snow, rain and ice we had in March. 


  1. yay yay yay. so exciting. i need to come see it. :)

    1. Yes, you do! You have to start mentally decorating your room ;)


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