Friday, April 10, 2015

Plumbing Rough In

The plumber came out on Monday, the 30th and started getting the rough-in complete for plumbing. It took him and his small team 5 days to complete the plumbing for the entire house.

The first thing they did was run pipes from the first floor to the roof for what they call plumbing vents.

He had to be very creative and precise with placement of vents. You cannot legally drill through LVL beams and we have several of those.

And each fixture has to have a vent. I researched up on those here. It makes a pipe come out of the roof, but you put them on the back side, so you don't see from the street.

We'll have the roofer come put lead boots over them. You can paint them, but we've seen on our last house, how the paint fades.

The tubs/shower combos were delivered on Monday and installed. Mom has her special extra large tub.

We will soon cover the tubs and place a note that says, "Do not use this tub as a trash can." We will place a trashcan near by for contractors to use.

The master tub is not yet installed. We will wait to install it after drywall is hung. This ensures nothing falls in/on it and causes it to break.

And the tankless water heater was installed.

We installed it on an exterior wall, but the inspector wanted us to move it. So, we did.The reason why was because of ease/difficulty reaching the unit for maintenance/repairs.

We went back and forth on picking a location for the water heater. Most people place them on the exterior of the home. With our ICF walls, we couldn't make a cavity for it. It would possibly stick out further than normal. We decided to place it on the inside. It is gas, and the HVAC guys will have to drill a hole to vent it outside.

We will have ONE for the whole house. We bought a circulating pump that will be on a timer. This allows us to run the whole house on one unit instead of two. We will put the timer set for 5AM and it will pump hot water to every fixture in the house. We can set it for the most common shower times to ensure instant hot water.

The plumbing crew was not on site Friday or Saturday, but they came back Monday, the 6th, and finished running the water lines.

And they installed the hose bibs!

The washer lines were completed.

And the shower "heads" were put in place.

I have learned a lot in this whole process, and it's the main reason I write about it. The plumber created a "make-shift" shower pan in our Master Bath. I text him a picture and noted it was the wrong size. He was aware and let me know he did it on purpose. All he had to prove for inspection, was that it held water. But he let me know, that it was an item the tile installer would warranty. In this case, he purposefully built it wrong so that the tile installer has to take the misplaced wood piece and put it in the correct spot. There would be now way for the tile installer to blame the plumber for his job if something went wrong.

We passed inspection Tuesday morning, and our plumber moved on to his next task. He'll be back when when it's time to install the fixtures (faucets and toilets).


  1. It sounds - and looks like you had a great plumber doing your work for you. I've had properties that were renovated to such a poor standard when I first started out developing. Like you, I learned a lot and fast! Now I use the same team for all my work and have never looked back.

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