Saturday, April 25, 2015

HVAC Rough-In

Once framing is complete, there are three things that need to be roughed-in (stuffed into the walls) before drywall covers up the studs. Plumbing, electrical and HVAC are all hidden behind the walls of your house.

Our plumbing guys came first because the pipes are rigid and need to be specific. Wires are more flexible and can accommodate around plumbing pipes if needed. Our plumber took 5 days for rough-in. Electrical came in after that and took a week as well. The HVAC guys had to start as well, because the electrical needed to know where the returns would be so that smoke detectors were the appropriate distance from the returns. They also needed to avoid running too many wires near the return. Electrical wires tend to congregate at spots and then flow together to the next destination (panel.)

The HVAC guys came in and the first day they started prepping material. I had no idea they had to "build" their tubing. It was just metal tubing they had to put insulation around themselves.

The next day I saw a vent in a room. They started on the second floor.

We chose our HVAC contractor because he had worked with ICF before. He deals solely with Lennox brand, so that is what we ended up with. I hear great things about them, so I am anxious to see it for myself. Once we are in the house, I'll provide an update on the system.

Because we used ICF on the first floor and using foam insulation on the second, we were able to reduce the load needed on the HVAC units. We still have two units, but they are small with regards to the square footage.

The amount of vents is also reduced because of the ICF walls. Mom's large closet does not have a vent because it is an interior closet. And our master bedroom is the same size as our last, and we had two vents in the last house and only one vent now.

The HVAC guys ran all the vents and then moved on to piping. They ran the vent piping from the bath fans to the exterior of the house.

They also ran piping for our gas stove.

The gas water heater has a direct vent to the exterior wall as well. The pipes from the furnaces come down ICF walls and then exit outside.

They will have to come and fix these because they protrude out a lot that drywall will not cover.

They are putting an outdoor unit on each side of the house. I was trying to avoid putting a unit on the corner side that everyone sees, but it was unavoidable. The tubing would be too long for the return. And they prefer the return to be located near the furnace.

HVAC guys also ran the gas lines. We have three gas drops; fireplace, stove and water heater.

All we lack is the inspections and we can start insulating the spaces! In total, the HVAC guys took two weeks to complete their rough-ins. All this behind-the-scenes stuff is complete and we can start with the cosmetic tasks.The outdoor units will not be set until later.

With all three contractors, I recommend every one of them. The plumber was great and knowledgeable. The electricians were fantastic and the HVAC guys knew their stuff. I would definitely be using them for service calls, but they did such a  great job on the front end, that I don't think I will need to be calling them.


  1. The house seems to be doing pretty well, and the construction is almost done. It’s good that you’ve had the HVAC and other plumbing stuff already put in. The HVAC Company you hired for the install seem to have done a pretty good job. I hope that everything goes smoothly, so that you can start building up the interior and such. Cheers!

    Brett Rogers @ Flame Furnace

    1. Thank you very much, Brett. We really liked our HVAC crew. They were knowledgeable when it came to knowing how to calculate the load when ICF walls and spray foam were being used. Construction is continuing to go well. We are almost there!

  2. I like how the house looks like when the unit was installed. Bare wood offers a fresh, rustic fee not found in other types of home. HVAC units must be installed in homes as organized as this. The duct work is even done in a way that doesn't hang down. Thank you for sharing this anyway.

  3. It certainly seems that the company you hired for the HVAC and plumbing know what they are doing. This type of work, unless it is completed by professionals, can have a nasty habit of causing problems in the future. Better to get it right at the beginning rather than having to tear walls down and cause disruptions at a later date. Looking good!

  4. I have really enjoyed seeing this house come together, and I can't wait to see how it turns out. I have learned a lot along the way with plumbing too. AIso, I had no idea that a smoke detector needs to be a certain distance from the HVAC returns! I always just put the new ones up where the old ones were.

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