Thursday, April 30, 2015

We Have A Roof!

It's been a long time coming. Our tar paper was flapping in the wind!

Our siding guys finished enough for the roofer to come. I had let him know we'd be ready this week, but he had a couple commitments. Monday night I get a text from him asking if material was delivered and he'd have a crew there in the morning. I had originally told him I would get the material on site Monday afternoon, but weather was predicted to be rainy Tuesday and Wednesday, so I rescheduled delivery to Thursday.

Tuesday morning, I scrambled to get a shingle delivery that same day. The roofing crew went to do another job first and by lunch time, the shingles were delivered and the crew started.

In half a day, they almost finished. It started to rain so they packed up.

They came back Wednesday and finished the front part of the garage.

I am just amazed! We have a roof!

roof shingles

The shingle color was not my first choice. I really wanted GAF - Timberline American Harvest in Cedar Falls. It was beautiful. But the company couldn't give us production dates and there wasn't enough in inventory to cover my roof. So, I went with a shingle they had in stock that could be delivered same day. It's GAF - Timberline High Definition in Weathered Wood.

I like it. It does have a greyish-brown coloring to it.

And if you notice, we got our stairwell window installed on Tuesday!!

It does just what I thought it would to the inside loft area.

We still have metal roofing to install on the porch areas and birdboxes. I have been having a hard time having contractors call me back.

Our builder did want us to wait until we got the painter started at least before installing the shingles, but I was tired of putting off the roofer when he was eager and available. I'm so glad I went ahead with it.

I definitely recommend my roofer. He beat everyone's price and was so thorough with great customer service. Local friends, if you need a roofer, let me know and I'll give you his information. I HIGHLY recommend him and his team!

Next up... the painters have started caulking the siding and we'll have paint soon!


  1. My husband and I are looking to build a house, and yours looks amazing even though it needs a bit more work. We worried about scheduling, and it is nice to see that it can work out well. I love the textured look and color of your roof and it will be nice to see pictures when the siding is up and painted.

    1. Thank you for your compliments. The house is complete! Check out the construction tab on this site and it will take you to all the posts that led up to completion. We have been living in the home for a year now, and I am getting around to posting about the inside now and progress made to the outside.
      Schedule is so scary when building a house. There are so many factors to think of and plans made around the anticipated completion date. Keep on top of people within reason. Good luck!

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