Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Exterior Paint

As soon as we got the siding on, we added more character by painting it.

We've definitely done things out of order than what I am use to. We are waiting on our mechanical inspection for HVAC and gas lines, but we are keeping things moving with what we can.

The painters came out on Thursday and caulked the siding joints.

On Friday, they started painting the trim. They got about 50% done with trim.

I was particular with the paint being used. I requested Sherwin Williams Super Paint in Satin. I used this paint as touch-up on the last house and the quality was awesome. I never thought there was a huge difference, but there is. And I chose Satin finish, because it will be easy to clean.

I was immediately in love with the color. As I described to Mr. JCrew the different colors being used and told him the diamonds would be black, he froze. "Black and brown don't go together", he said. I told him not to worry. All the paint colors I chose were from the same "family." He still didn't believe me.

I don't blame him. Both he and my mom kept questioning my color decision. It wasn't that they didn't like it; they wanted to make sure I LOVED it and wouldn't change it. They didn't want to relive the many shades of the Master Bedroom all over again.

The crew worked their tails off on Saturday. They added the other two colors. The black went on and the lighter grey. It was awesome!

Mr. JCrew and my mom both saw the finished product before I did. And they both had the same comment... they were unsure of the dormer paint color.

I chose the darkest color for the dormers. I purposefully wanted them to blend in, and that's what they did. But Mr. JCrew and Mom thought it blended in too well.

I went to see for myself. I personally loved it. It was fine. It would just have to grow on them and they would like it too.

But I listened to Mr. JCrew and told the paint crew that I'd like them to paint all trim pieces the medium brown color. I originally told them to paint trim pieces the same color as the lap siding.

They came back on Monday to finish. They painted the one porch ceiling was have finished and I love it!

The trim boards will not be painted a different color to stand out. It was just to add dimension and I like it being all one color.

And I didn't think the trim painted on the dormer would make a big difference, but I LOVE it!

I couldn't thank Mr. JCrew enough for his suggestion and he was eating it up that he was right! But it puts a finishing detail to the dormers.

I took a risk with choosing some different colors than what is around me. I started off by choosing the darkest shade. Once I pulled the paint swatch for it, I fell in love with all the other colors and went with it. The hardest part what deciding what color went where. I knew a dark color would be the trim color because that's what tudor houses do. Overall, I am really REALLY happy with the colors, and so is Mr. JCrew and Mom.

Next up, the mechanical inspections so that we can start the brick (and insulation and drywall)!

Colors Selected:
Benjamin Moore: Dragon's Breath
Benjamin Moore: Gargoyle
Benjamin Moore: Plymouth Rock

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