Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ninja Turtles and Spiderman

Mr. JCrew woke up on Saturday and said he was getting the boys bicycles. And when Mr. JCrew has an idea, he does it. And he doesn't halfway do it either.

I admit, I didn't jump on board right away. First, there is no where to store the bikes when they are not in use. Mom's porches are full and the inside of the townhome is fuller. But I knew the boys would love them. They've mastered the tricycle, but the tricycle gets old when you're trying to go for long distances. We were looking for something they could use to take themselves to the playground in the neighborhood. And I think we found it. We've had the bikes 24 hours and they have been on them non-stop.

We bought them Saturday night and put them together. By the time we were done, it was raining! We opened up Mimi's one car garage and they practiced.

Not only did we get bikes, but we got the helmets and elbow/knee pads. And we didn't get just any gear, it was Ninja Turtles!

I will say, the protective gear makes it for me. Seeing them from behind is so darn cute!

And they associate the gear with bike riding, so they don't attempt to ride without it.

This morning, Little JCrew woke me up and asked if we could go on a walk so he could ride his bike. He had his helmet in his hand.

We also got bells for the bikes. And that's how we tell them apart. Mr. Brigglesworth's bell is on the left. ;)

The boys love doing this activity together. I am surprised we did not have wrecks. They are constantly passing each other to be "first."

And they found a puddle to zoom through. This helped them master a tight turn radius because they were going back and forth through the puddle.

Mr. Brigglesworth caught on fast. He is determined to keep up with his big brother! I am so proud of them both. It made it such a fun weekend!

I wasn't feeling too well this weekend, and it turned out I was SICK! I took myself to the doctor and tested positive for three different things. I got two shots in the buttocks and had never had that before. It felt like I was kicked there and it hurt. I was told to "walk it off." Now I feel better! 

Seeing these boys on their new bikes this weekend just made me smile so big. Glad my sister was here to see it. I see a lot of requests to go on walks now.

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