Monday, May 18, 2015

House Inspection Update - May

Well, we've been at a stand still for three weeks. All related to inspections.

The HVAC and gas inspection are called on by the HVAC guy, but it includes the fireplace and venting. Our fireplace was installed by someone else. They came and installed it before we had a roof, electrical, and plumbing.

The HVAC guy wouldn't schedule his inspection because he noticed things on the fireplace that wouldn't pass. He didn't want to fail his inspection so the fireplace guy and the HVAC guy were having an ego war on who was right! I was in the middle.

We were already late on getting the gas lines installed. I took credit for HVAC being complete, but the getting the gas lines installed was like pulling teeth for three weeks!

Our Foam insulation guys thought we'd be ready for them on Wednesday the 6th, and they came to prep on Tuesday. They caulked the windows and doors.

And they covered the windows and doors with plastic sheeting.

On Wednesday, they started spraying exterior walls.

However, they were stopped. We need three more inspections before they can start. This was the same day our gas inspection was to occur, so we failed because the gas line was covered up.

We uncovered it and had to get the inspector back out. They are very busy and getting them to come out is hard. We eventually passed and then we called for our framing inspection. It took him three days to come out.

Once inspections passed, the utilities company came out to run the gas line to the house.

While waiting, I was able to get metal roofing installed on Mom's porch.

We can't do the front porch metal roof yet because we need to lay brick.

We passed the brick inspection so we can lay brick now. I "ordered" the brick April 2nd, with expectation that the brick run would be made and they'd have it shipped to their yard and waiting for me to call with a delivery date. I called two weeks ago and still have no brick! When I dropped of my check last Wednesday is when I was told the company didn't have enough brick from the same run to cover my house. They would start a new run that day and we could have it delivered this week on Wednesday or Thursday. I've had the mason on hold for over a week now. I was slightly frustrated. I've been working hard to avoid this kind of a mess.

In the mean time, we had the audio guy come install wiring for speakers. Mr. JCrew REALLY wanted speakers in the house. I held off. It's not important to me. But, I broke down and did it. Now I'm glad I did. I'm envisioning the dance parties!

Since brick is coming soon, I wasn't in a hurry to do my part, but I got out there yesterday. Since our house is not on a crawlspace, but is required, we got a waiver with a stipulation. We had to install foundation vents to make it look like a crawlspace. I was fine with that. All I had to do was spray paint the block black so that when you look at the vent, you don't know you're looking straight at a block.

Oh, and this was strange to see. Some contractors leave their food behind, but someone left mulch behind. And it wasn't just a little that maybe someone had caught in their pant leg cuff. I have no clue the reasoning behind this. We aren't landscaping yet, but someone was!

This week we should see a lot of movement. Foam insulation can start back up. Drywall is being delivered. Siding is to be finished. And brick will start going up.


  1. It looks like your home building project is progressing nicely. It must have been an uncomfortable situation having builders that have such a large ego. Sometimes people really just cannot let go of their ego and self-image. Keep us updated on how the building process is going. We love reading your posts. Thanks for sharing this.

    Tommy Hopkins @ AccuTemp

  2. It can be so maddening when you are in the middle of constructing your ideal home. The best way to deal with it is to understand that inspections are there for you, and will save you any problems in the future. When everything is in the open, as it is now, it is so important that you let the professionals see the work that is being done.

    Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing

  3. It's true that inspections can be a hassle, especially when builders disagree. The inspections we had on out home, however, saved us a ton of grief. Many problems with the plumbing were found. We repaired them right off to avoid bigger issues. It’s easier, too, since we already had the house tore up for the remodel. Patience can pay off.


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