Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kitchen Cabinets - Boxes Cut Out

There are a lot of things happening with the house right now. It may look as if not a whole lot is going on, but there are things behind the scenes.

I provided the update on inspections. We passed the HVAC, gas, framing and brick. This meant we could go ahead and put the remaining siding up that touched some windows and porch ceilings and we could start insulation, drywall and brick laying.

The siding guys have come and done their thing and it looks awesome! They have done such a great job. But my Tuesday got a whole lot better when my cabinet guy sent me pictures!

I REALLY REALLY like my cabinet maker. He was not my first pick either! I was going with one guy that was excellent and affordable. As you get to talking to other contractors, they ask you who you've picked for other jobs and I tell them. Our audio guy warned us about my first pick cabinet guy. He was notorious for being late which held up jobs waiting on the cabinets. I shrugged it off.

But getting together for the cabinet guy to do a walk-thru with me became difficult. He stood me up three times! Wouldn't answer my calls after our agreed to time. I then let my builder know I was going to be looking for someone else to build my cabinets.

I had been to other places and received quotes, but they were higher than my budget. It was around that time that I remembered a post card I found in the house at the construction site for a cabinet maker with a hand-written note. When I first found it, I chuckled and said I already had a cabinet guy. But I am glad I found that postcard and made the call. It has been a pleasure ever since.

The guy came out the next day; walked the layout and designed a plan. He then posted drawings for me to review. We signed a contract, I paid him 50% and they got started. He said it'd be six weeks to completion.

We are now on week two and the kitchen is cut out. I am very excited to see the progress. It's just boxes now, but they are beautiful!!

I have the most confidence that the cabinets will be ready right when we need them. They won't be the long lead item they usually are.

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