Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Month 4 Metrics

We have another month down in the construction phase of our new home. We're 141 days in now and some exciting things are about to happen all at once.

We had three weeks of stand by trying to get inspections lined up. One inspection held up all the others. The weather has been great, if only we weren't sitting around. We didn't have a drop of rain for two weeks!

We're currently behind on schedule, and my prediction is that we're two weeks behind. The original schedule said we would be done with insulation and drywall by May 15th. We're close, but not there.

As for budget, we're currently on track. On May 1st, I paid two big bills I didn't expect. I had to put 50% down for the garage doors and the cabinets. In my budget, I had a lump sum paid upon delivery. So those payments put us over for the month, but in the long run, we're good.

And I still have two payments to make this month that I don't have calculated; that's insulation and drywall.

Overall, we are good. I originally had us moving in to the house mid-July, and now it's looking like mid-August.

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