Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day 2015 Weekend

Mr. JCrew is our traveler. We haven't taken a vacation, EVER! We've taken little trips back home to Florida, but we haven't counted those because we haven't done any "excursions."

We especially haven't taken trips since we've had the boys. Traveling with babes is hard. But Mr. JCrew has been itching to go on a vacation and thought the boys were plenty old enough (they're 2.5y and 3.5y).

I am a home-body, but I like little day trips. I put together a fun overnight trip. We started off going to the hot air balloon festival in a nearby town.

The balloons took off at 6:30AM.

We got there early to see the crews get ready.

They allow you to get as close as you want. Our first year to go was last year, and we went at night. It's cool to see the balloons lit up at night.

My favorite Reading Rainbow show growing up was the episode showing all the work that goes into getting a hot air balloon off the ground.

I still think this event is so neat as a grown up. The boys love it too.

It is an all-day event with vendors and games. We stayed and the boys got hot air balloons of their own.

Little JCrew then wanted to get his face painted. He did so well.

He really wanted to be Spider-Man.

That face paint lasted all day until he wanted to wear his ninja turtle mask that night and we had to clean his face.

The next day, we woke up to the road-trip part of our vacation. 

The boys did really well riding in the car. No videos, just occupying themselves. Mr. Brigglesworth turned a Gatorade bottle into a clarinet. Drove his brother nuts, but he had fun.

We were driving to Nashville. First stop, was the Zoo!

We have not ever taken the boys to a zoo. We've talked about it a lot and they are very into animals, so this would be perfect.

Little JCrew said he wanted to see the Giraffes; they are his favortite. I didn't know that was his favorite animal. Right now, I think his favorite word is "favorite" as we like to call everything our favorite.

He wouldn't let me get a picture of him with the giraffes though.

Mr. Brigglesworth talked about monkey's prior to the trip. He wanted to ride a monkey.

When we first went by the monkey's they were quiet in the tree. By lunch time, they were so loud! We went back to see them and they were swinging from the trees and making so much noise. It was appropriate that Mr. Brigglesworth was attracted to the monkey's. They are just like him!

The Nashville Zoo had a lot of areas to get close to the animals. Our first encounter was with birds.

These birds sing and fly above you.

There was a petting zoo with goats and the boys liked brushing them. 

My favorite encounter was with the kangaroo's! They were babies. There was one that was a year old that Little JCrew got up close to.

I told him he couldn't pet it, but the roo just kept getting closer.

Finally, the keeper said he could pet him, and it made his day!

Mr. JCrew then started sneezing. He must be allergic to Kangaroo. Guess a trip to Australia is low on the list.

My favorite animal is the elephant.

They did a great job with their exhibits. Each exhibit has multiple places for you to view the animals. If the animal is not in view from where you are, you can walk around to another spot and see them.

We kept following the elephants around until we were so close and then the elephant decided to use the restroom. I include this picture because it is the memory that Mr. Brigglesworth brings up if you ask him about the zoo. The elephant was pooping! (and he was, but no picture of that.) Of all things to remember about a trip. Such a boy!

The zoo had a tunnel to act like a meerkat.

The boys weren't tall enough to see on their own, so they asked for help.

The meerkat's were active, so it was fun to see them.

Even the flamingos were active. We had two in the water running around and acting goofy.

After the zoo, we went to the Bicentennial Mall. It's a park downtown.

The boys had fun walking around and pretending to be statues.

There was a globe and Little JCrew started singing, "He's got the whole world in his hands" song.

We then went to check in to our hotel and swam in the hotel pool. The boys thought the bed was awesome!

For dinner, we went to the Aquarium Restaurant.

It was so fun. We sat so close and saw so many fish!

We had more little things planned for Monday, but we were worn out and ready to get home. We didn't hit up the Rainforest Cafe, but we did go see it and look inside. We will definitely go back for that.

We hope you had a great weekend! Time to get back to the grind.

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