Thursday, May 28, 2015

Insulation for the House

Before we can drywall and brick the house, we had to have a framing inspection. Then there is another inspection after insulation is installed to the exterior walls, and then drywall can begin.

Because we chose ICF, our insulation was already in place. However, there were some exterior walls upstairs that we had to insulate.

We actually had the exterior walls started prior to the inspection. It was a mistake that was caught before it was too late.

Usually insulation in the attic is blown in after the drywall is up. But we chose to use spray foam insulation to encapsulate our attic like we did in the last house.


This has so many benefits. It allows the HVAC units located in the attic to work in a better space than 140 degree air. This helps make the unit last longer. We will also have less dust because no blown in insulation. It was so hot upstairs prior to insulation that having it now makes such a large difference. We'll only have to turn on our A/C to circulate air, not to cool it!

We had a dry spell in our area for weeks! This was a good thing for building, but we wanted it to rain to test the roof. It finally rained and we found a leak.

Luckily, it was because the roofing paper on the front porch was not covering an area.

We had to fix this before we could apply the spray foam to the underside of the roof. We hadn't shingled that part of the roof because it will be metal. And we can't put the metal roof on until the brick is up. So, for the meantime, we had the roofer come back out and put the fancy ice shield for roofs so that it will buy us time until the brick is complete and we can get that metal roof on.

Once the exterior walls were foamed, the crew moved to the attic.

Here is a short video of the crew working. We had a two-guy crew. Spray foam is a chemical that is applied wet and as it dries, it expands.

There was a lot of space to cover. It took them a week to complete fully.

Once they completed the job, they performed a quality test. We had this done on the first house. They closed off all pipes and suctioned the air to see if there were any leaks. We have a tight house!

At the top of the ICF walls, the framing crew laid a thin piece of foam before laying wood on top. This was to help prevent the air leakage through the first and second floor.

After the insulation was complete, we had another inspection. We passed, which means drywall can start. The crew started today and boy do they move fast! I'm sure I'll post something by Saturday with an update with complete walls!

After the insulation test, the crew cleaned the house. It was so nice. It hasn't ever been this clean.

Not only is the spray foam energy efficient, it also binds the structure together to make it even more solid. And surprisingly, it's not that expensive. I would definitely recommend it. This is our second time using it and we love it!

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