Thursday, June 4, 2015

Drywall Installation

After the insulation was installed, we had another framing inspection before we could start drywall. We quickly passed and moved on.

We had the drywall delivered on Tuesday, Day 147.

The drywall installers were on site on Thursday and they started with the ceiling.

I was so anxious to see what they were doing, that I drove home for my lunch break.

One of the guys then asked me if I'd be back later that night. Silly question! Of course I would. He then told me I would see a huge difference when I came back. I was excited!

They kept telling me they would be finished by the next day. I didn't believe it. But seriously, if they hadn't run out of material, they would have been!

We were 18 sheets short. But they still came out on Saturday and picked up their mess.

Normally, insulation is not added to interior walls. But we wanted to install insulation to the laundry room walls for sound purposes. Mom's room is right next to the laundry room and I remember how loud our old laundry room was. I'm so glad we added some sound proofing to the walls.

On Saturday, we had the finishers come out. They started mudding the drywall that was hung.

So much action in a short time!

The weather was so humid that the mud was not drying. We then left the windows open to help dry the mud faster.

Luckily, we haven't had rain for several days and the mud dried. Today, Day 156, the finishers came to skim their last coat. They will be out here Saturday to sand.

The drywall finisher told me the trim guy could go ahead and start, but we're waiting for them to sand first.

It seems to be going really fast! I didn't think drywall would be hung in just two days. And mudding has taken about a week so that dry-time was included between coats.

Our trim will be delivered on Monday with the interior doors. Time to get some baseboard in here!

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