Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lake Weekend 2015

You can obviously see how much is going on with how often the posts are coming.

Every summer, we visit the lake, and I notice I write about it every other year, so I am due to share.

This year, the boys decided life jackets were not worth crying over. They gladly wore them.

The weather was COLD this year! We had a bad storm come through on our first night and it made things cold. It was so much warmer to be in the water.

Both boys don't like the idea of just floating and not touching the bottom. I forced Mr. Brigglesworth to float with me. He came up with all kinds of excuses to get out. My favorite was, "I'm really tired. I want a nap." Ha! Not at 10:30, buddy!

They both loved the boat. Mr. Briggleworth wanted to drive.

Auntie Julie let him!

And she let Little JCrew drive too!

They loved going under the bridge to honk the horn at trolls.

We had a great group that always goes with us. The kids were so cute eating watermelon. Even mine decided to try it!

Mr. JCrew is the resident kid entertainer. They think he is so funny! He tackles them and plays this "attack game" with a large stuffed fish. It's funny to hear the kids screaming. And something as little as fizz out of a coke can turns into a laughing session.

Little JCrew gets shy now when I take pictures of him. He covers his face.

While we were getting breakfast ready, the kids had fun with chalk.

They started making outlines of themselves.

The boys had me write their "letters" on them and Little JCrew made a smiley face on his.

After they were done, it looked like a crime scene.

I love this little tradition we have started. It's all about spending time with a great group of friends and making memories that will last our lifetime!

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