Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Exterior Doors and Columns

Last Monday, we had our exterior doors and columns delivered. We had temporary doors put in place until the brick was done. This was to avoid damage to the doors.

Those temporary doors were gorgeous! ha. Once the brick was complete and washed, we had the concrete poured for the porches. Then we could get the columns put up. The temporary posts holding up the porch roofs made me nervous.

All the exteriors doors have windows on them. I am big on natural light, and these doors give it.

We get nice views everywhere.

These doors will be painted, but I haven't decided on the inside color.

The outside will be a black-ish color, but I really like how white looks right now on the inside.

Once the doors were installed, we put on all the doorknobs to truly lock up the house. This is a job the trim carpenter should do, but we wanted to help with his workload, so I installed them all one morning before he got there. Mr. JCrew REALLY likes the hardware. It is very substancial.

We actually got the handlesets from Costco back in August 2014. It's Baldwin Prestige collection with Smart Key. After construction is over, I can change the key without calling a locksmith or replacing the whole set. I saw the handlesets at Costco a long time ago. I held out on buying it because I was waiting for the price to be cut. Mr. JCrew let me wait, but finally said I needed to buy them before they ran out. Sure enough, I bought them and the price went down. I did return them to get the reduced price. Then later, they were reduced again! I got a great deal! You never know what you'll find at Costco!

Little packets of screw hole covers were taped to the door.

Mr. JCrew and I spent Sunday plugging those holes up.

The porch columns are another favorite detail of mine. The front porch has 12" columns.

Mom's side porch has 10" columns.

And the back porch has 8" columns.

The installation of the back porch columns was incorrect the first time.

I looked at it long and hard to see if I could live with it and wouldn't have to ask them to change it. But when I looked from all sides, the even spacing felt like a jail to me. I couldn't keep it that way. Plus, this porch will be screened in. I have a vision of how the detail of the screened porch will balance the oddly spaced columns.

Because the columns are so large, I had the trim carpenter widen the headers so that the column was fully covered.

These columns came with a post already in the middle.

But because the header was "artificially" widened, the post needed to be shifted to one side of the post to get the weight distributed correctly.

By the sounds of it,  this was not our trim carpenter's favorite part. It took up a lot of his time and drove him to have a lunch time beer or two!

The inside trim is ALMOST complete. We have about two more days left. And what's left is the most exciting part!! And the interior paint has started! We're on the downhill slope now!

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