Friday, July 10, 2015

Trim Package Complete

It only took 4 weeks!

Our trim was delivered Monday, June 8th. Our trim guy was suppose to start that Wednesday. He called us that day to let us know he hurt his back and couldn't work. We had to find a new trim carpenter and have him work us into his schedule.

Our new trim guy got started on June 17th. First thing he did was hang the interior doors. There was no way our old trim guy could lift these doors with a hurt back.

Our trim guys installed the casing on the doors before installing them. They did the same thing with the windows.

We used trim to return all the windows and door jambs. My builder talked me into it because he said it was easier to fix on off-centered window with trim than it is with drywall.

I really am glad he talked me into it. I really like the casing I picked out. I found a picture I liked and found something very similar. It was important to find casing that was in one piece. This meant less material and less labor. Most designs I liked were trims built out of multiple pieces.

After the doors and windows were installed, the cased openings were trimmed out and then baseboard was run. I chose a simple speedbase. I used 7.25 inch on the first floor and 5.25 inch on the second.

Our trim carpenter did a good job at using long pieces for everything and eliminating joints. There were only a couple the painters will have to caulk.

Our trim carpenter could build a mantle on site, but I just decided to order mine from the company I purchased the fireplace from. I copied my mom's mantle. I had to decide the type of material I would be using to surround the fireplace, because that would dictate the dimensions. I've decided to use the exterior brick we have for the surround.

Before the exterior doors were installed, the trim guys installed the door casing. I really liked how it cleaned it up.

I did not go fancy with my trim. I could have beefed up the cased openings, especially the one in the foyer, but it's not my style.

I chose a cove crown molding instead of a layered one. It serves what I think is the purpose of crown; a transition piece from the wall to the ceiling.

Once the basic trim package was complete, the fun began! First up, the modified coffered ceiling. This is what I called it. Again, I don't like beefed up trim, so I used 1x8 MDF boards and laid them in a pattern on the ceiling in the living room.

Because walls are never straight, I needed a small 1x2 MDF board to run along the wall to hide any gaps there might be between the 1x8 and wall. I could have used the crown, but I didn't want the crown to hide almost all of the 1x8 perimeter boards.

I can't wait for it to be painted so the drywall mud is less distracting.

Next up was the ship-lap style wainscoting. I decided to use the same 1x8 boards and used 3/16" tile spacers for the spacing.

We then used the door casing to top it off.

I really like how it turned out!

I just have to remind the painters not to caulk the seam. That's kind of why I chose the 3/16" gap so they would know the gap is on purpose.

The back hall has a fancy wainscoting. This whole design period I was in search of unique wainscoting ideas. I don't like to follow the crowds. I found a design and fell in love.


I taped the inspiration picture on the wall to use as an example. I wanted to copy it as closely as I could. The corbels were hard to find. From what I could tell, they were shallow. But there is no such thing as a shallow corbel. I could have special ordered some, but we did not have time. We were already running slow and I didn't want to be the reason. I ran to Home Depot and found some crown joint pieces.

I glued them together with wood glue and clamped them.

They looked awesome! Their depth was perfect, so that the shelf on top did not stick out too far.

It's so hard to get a good picture of the wall. I should have removed the wood blocking the window light before taking the picture. It's the wall that we will walk by on our way out to the garage every day!

I love looking at the detail up close.

Every little detail was thought about.

The painters have primed it, but they haven't caulked all the nail holes yet.

The trim carpenter also installed our attic access ladders and built the tub deck.

Usually they install the stair parts as well, but we went ahead and hired a stair specialist to install the stairs. The job was already taking too long. I'll write a separate post about the stairs soon. They are almost complete.

With the trim complete, it really feels like the house is coming alive with character. I really couldn't be happier with the quality.

Painting has already started and should wrap up soon. Flooring and cabinets go in next week! I don't think I will be able to sleep any time soon!

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