Tuesday, July 21, 2015


The stairs are installed and I am blown away!

We used a local company to supply the stair parts. We could have used the same company we were
getting our trim from, but my builder advised to use someone who specialized in stairs. I have been so impressed with their quality and service.

The stair guy was obviously impressed with my planning of the whole house before we broke ground. He spread the word around town and showed them my packet. Ha! But it did make him understand me. He knew that I already knew what I wanted and not to try and steer me another way.

The parts were ready and delivered. Our trim guy did not feel comfortable installing the stairs and had two guys he kept trying to get on site to install. After two weeks of them not showing up, we called the guy that supplied the stair parts and asked what he would charge to install them and when he was available. We had to wait another week, but the guys that did install did an outstanding job!

It took them five days total to install the stairs. A lot of that time was spent curving the handrail.

The handrail was made out of many slivers of wood. They “wet” them with glue and used C-clamps
along the edge to get the exact curve.

They did the same thing to the landing part of the curve that the balusters would go into.

This was the hardest part and took the most time, but it was well worth it.

The staircase looks just like my inspiration picture.

When we are closer to being done with the house, the painters will come back and stain the stairs and
handrail. I am going for a rustic look, so there will not be a sheen to the steps. The older looking, the

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