Thursday, July 23, 2015


The painting crew we have is phenomenal!

They knocked things out so quickly!

The trim guy running behind caused a few delays, but we asked the trim guy to complete the upstairs
first so that our painters could come in and do the top floor while the trim guy finished the bottom floor.

Our painters started by caulking all the trim work. Door frames, door jambs, crown joints, everything!

But our painters were so fast, that they did the top floor and bottom floor all in one day. It was funny to see that they even caulked a half-installed crown piece.

It showed the trim guy that he was slow! Ha.

Next up, they primed. They, again, did this in one day. It’s the true colors I am using, but not the finish. I was so excited to see the colors and love them!

That’s a big deal! I changed the paint colors so many times at the old house. But that helped me know
what colors to pick for this house.

Each color was used in the last house.

With exception to the trim color and the laundry room color!

I was trying to go with a more white color for trim. Our old house used Pacer White by Sherwin Williams. But when you held up a true white next to it, it really looked tan! I trusted to go with a color I hadn’t used before. I was nervous it wouldn’t go with the colors I was using on the walls. Maybe my colors needed an off-white trim color. But so far, all colors look great.

And my laundry room got funky! I picked out “Cooled Blue” by Sherwin Williams as a funky color to use somewhere. I thought about using it in the spare closet. But I wouldn’t visit that room often enough to see it. Then I was going to put it in the laundry room. But I changed my mind at the last minute. I wanted the walls to be white and the cabinets would be white. The washer and dryer will be white. The counters are white. The laundry room will look so clean and then… bam! You look up to a cool blue ceiling.

I love it already. It really makes me smile. And because of the antique window, I get to see it even when I am not in the laundry room.

Hopefully, this makes me enjoy doing laundry more.

The painters had to wait for the stair guy to finish his install before he went any further. Our trim guy
actually kicked the painters out one day, because they were getting in his way.

Once the stairs were complete, the painters were off working another job and our house was empty for two days. I had already pushed back the cabinet and flooring install to Monday, the 20th. I didn’t want to push them back again, so our painters worked their tushes off to get the ceiling complete and the trim complete.

Now the electrician can install all the ceiling lights and the switches and plugs. They won’t put the finish coat on the walls until the electricians are done. I’ve been told the walls get dinged up in that process,so the painters rather wait.

The painters also painted the interior doors.

I really wanted to see that process. As they took the doors off, they labeled them so they know where they went. They had them stacked for a while and I was unsure of how they would paint them.

I think they used the master bedroom floor. It’s the room with the most overspray.

I can’t wait for the final coat. It’s really coming together now.

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