Sunday, November 22, 2015


Perhaps one of my favorite details in the house are the mirrors. In the last house, I used mirrors to reflect light where windows were missing. In this house, we have plenty of windows, so mirrors are only in the bathrooms, with the exception of one.

I really can't pick a favorite. They are all so unique.

Mom found the mirror for her bathroom at a furniture re-finisher store. They collect old pieces and either re-stain them or paint them. Sometimes, they re-purpose them.

The mirrors in the boys' bathroom are just plain wall-to-wall mirrors that you normally find. I wanted the focus to remain on their green cabinets.

The guest bedroom bathroom is my top 3 favorites. We found it at the same location we found mom's mirror. I liked the color they painted it and the shape. Luckily, it fit! It was an exact measurement!

The powder bathroom is another of my top three fav's. It was a mirror that came off of a small dresser. I didn't refinish it and I loved the shape.

The master bathroom needed a mirror that was ten feet long. Instead, I had three pieces cut with a tombstone radius.

I'm not much of one to stop and look at myself in the mirror all the time; although, sometimes I should to make sure I don't have food on my face or that I need to brush my hair. But these mirrors make me want to stop and look. It's just another way to add character.

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  1. LOVE the mirrors! They add so much! The rooms pictured look beautiful also. I've been missing all your house posts lately! ;)


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