Wednesday, April 6, 2016

36 Weeks - Baby #3

It's been a while... we've finally settled into the new house and it feels like home. I keep forgetting I need to provide an update now that we have moved in and placed furniture, but I never felt like I was ready to share, as I am not done with any one room. I should just share the progress, and soon I will.

One room that is complete is the new baby's room! I will do a separate post on the room. But here is a sneak peek.

Now, onto the baby update... Today I am 36 weeks along! Time has flown but at the same time, it hasn't. The Due Date has always felt so far away, and now we are 28 days away. YAY!

I didn't take very many pictures during this pregnancy, but I did at least take some once a month. Now that I am towards the end, I have taken them weekly just because the changes are big!

 We always said we wanted more kids, but would definitely space them out further than 13 months next time. Then we said once the house was finished we would start trying. Well, we got pregnant before the house was finished! I was moving furniture while at the height of exhaustion and morning sickness and it was not fun! I had no energy. Thank goodness the second trimester gave me a boost to finish unpacking.

10 weeks
We didn't tell family right away, but I found out on Little JCrew's 4th birthday. I quickly ordered fortune cookies with a custom message as a way to tell Mr. JCrew. The boys found out early and we told them to keep it a secret. They did a great job!!

We told the majority of family at Thanksgiving and we originally planned to not find out the gender. This whole time we were thinking it would be a girl. I thought I had done all the old wives' tales to ensure a girl and I was confident because the pregnancy just felt different. I wanted the surprise at the delivery of finding out the gender, but the week of our anatomy scan, we changed our minds (like, the day before). We were shocked when the technician declared we were having our third boy!

I couldn't tell whether he has Little JCrew's long legs or feet, but Baby #3 definitely has the same head-shape as our other boys. He was very active during the ultrasound and has continued to be a constant mover. He favors the right side of my abdomen and loves to put his feet in my rib-cage.

The third trimester has brought on the heartburn just like all the other pregnancies. I think it is the worst part about being pregnant. And this time I have not had the sciatic nerve pain like I did before. Thank goodness! I feel like I can do anything physically.

18 weeks
This pregnancy has been fun, in the fact that the boys are involved. They talk about their baby brother and all that they want to do with him when he is born. (read books, feed him, sing to him, hold him, etc) And Little JCrew is very interested to know Baby #3's birthday. I tell him that I don't know, but the baby will decide.

Now for the waiting game... I am excited to meet this little man.

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