Sunday, June 26, 2016

Baby F's Birth Story

I always document my little one's birth stories, and I need to write this all down before I forget.

Baby F (Baby #3) was born two days before his due date. Little JCrew was one day late, and Mr. Brigglesworth was three weeks early, I had no idea when to expect our new arrival. Although I did not have the feeling that he would be early, I made sure I was ready just in case. I was really hoping he wouldn't be early.

Baby F was born on a Monday (just like Mr. Brigglesworth). The weekend prior, I made sure I was active. We went Strawberry picking Saturday morning. Little JCrew had a soccer game Saturday morning, as well. I stood up while watching because I wanted gravity to do its thing. Little JCrew then had a birthday party that evening and I played in the yard with my plants during the afternoon. On Sunday, I took the boys with me to do more plant work at our neighborhood clubhouse. There were people inside, and I am sure they were looking at my big belly with two little kids in tow wondering what I was doing planting plants. But I was determined to be active and wear myself out.

At my weekly appointments, the doctor was in disbelief that the baby was so high. His head was not engaged at my 39 week appointment. We were going to wait until the next appointment to see when to set an induction date. I would stay on my feet and feel Baby F get lower, but as quickly as he lowered, he quickly shot back up.

On Monday, I went into work as normal. All my co-workers were still surprised to see me. But I would laugh it off and say Baby F wasn't ready. That day, we had a luncheon for two co-workers that were leaving the program. It was at a restaurant and another coworker/friend of mine rode with me. The director of our program sat next to me and asked how I was. He then asked when I was due. I then told him when and told him I had brought my running shoes to walk the hills at work during breaks. He asked that I not do that. Ha! He was only slightly kidding. And I really had brought my shoes! As we left the luncheon, I lifted my leg to get into my car and I felt a little gush. My bladder was full, so I thought I needed to use the restroom. When we got back to work, I was worried about the possible spot on my khaki pants and it seemed like everyone was talking outside the building entrance and I didn't want anyone behind me. I finally just went inside and went to the restroom. I pee'd but it felt different. I had a one o'clock meeting to go to so I went on.

With Little JCrew and Mr. Brigglesworth, my water broke at the hospital. With Little JCrew, I was lying in the hospital bed and it felt like I pee'd in the bed. With Mr. Brigglesworth, it was a big gush as I was pushing during active labor. I expected water breaking to be a big gush. It was not that obvious.

Right when I got to the meeting, I felt another small gush. I stopped at the restroom again. I then stuffed my underwear with toilet paper and went to the meeting. I stood in the back of the room and didn't want to sit down for fear of messing up the chair. Me standing up wouldn't appear odd, because usually I stand up in the back, just not the entire time.

The meeting ran long, and I remember a coworker turning to me and asking me to go into labor so we could be dismissed. It was then that I realized I could be in labor. My "bladder" was still "leaking" and this might be my water breaking. It was just weird. I then checked my pants and realized how soaked they were. I waited for everyone to leave the conference room and I ran to the restroom. I tried to dry my pants as much as I could. It was no use. I then made a mad-dash to my desk to get my things and go home. It had just started raining, so I left my umbrella behind so that my wet pants looked like they were drenched from the rain.

I emailed Mr. JCrew to let him know my water broke and I was going home to change clothes and finish up some work. He could come home or wait; contractions had not started. His excitement was busting and he came right home. We gathered our things and told Little JCrew he was in charge while we were away.

We checked into the hospital around 5:30PM and saw a waiting room full. But we were ushered right back and into Labor Room #7. Our nurse was so nice and we had such a great experience. I was having contractions but they didn't hurt. It was almost like a fuzzy feeling (Hard to describe). I decided to get an epidural before the pain started. I hadn't eaten, so as the minutes passed, I just kept thinking how hungry I was.

Mr. JCrew and I watched TV as we waited. I think we watched NCIS and Golden Girls. The on-call doctor was on her way to the hospital to deliver another baby, so they started a high dose of Pitocin to get me caught up so that Baby F could be delivered while doctor was on site. I had no issue with this because I knew the epidural would hopefully cover any pain associated with the pitocin. And even with the epidural, I felt the contractions, but without the pain. They used a pillow to put me in a "wedge" position so that each contraction would move Baby F down (he was still not engaged!) It worked, as I soon called the nurse in to tell her I felt the baby between my legs. I really didn't think he was in between my legs, but I held myself back from pushing because he felt like he was right there ready to come out if I sneezed!

It was then that they got everything ready and I pushed three times and Baby F was delivered! The hospital had a new policy they implemented where the baby never leaves the momma. All procedures, vitals, baths are done right in the room with you. I really enjoyed this. Baby F stayed with me the whole time and I saw everything. With both of my babies before, Mr. JCrew got to go with the baby while I stayed behind. With Mr. Brigglesworth, I was able to walk down the hall and stand outside the nursery window watching.

Baby F came a few minutes shy of midnight. We were moved to a permanent room at 2AM. Right after delivery, I sent Mr. JCrew on a food run. He spent $20 at the hospital giftshop getting sandwiches and snacks. He delighted in it and the nurse and I laughed at the amount he spent and joy he got out of it.

The next morning we called my mom to speak with the boys and tell them about their new brother. They went to school all proud with signs to let their friends know all about Baby F. It was easier then them having to remember details. They came straight to the hospital after school and they fell in love just as we did. Mr. Brigglesworth kept repeating, "He's out of your belly!"

Baby F has been an angel baby from Day 1. He doesn't get upset and is easygoing. He sleeps easy and eats great. His latch was VERY strong from the beginning and he loved his fingers. We moved him to a paci and he loves it.

The hospital stay was great, but I was ready to get back home. The boys still dote on their baby brother and it is the cutest thing to hear them talk to their baby brother. They can talk to him in high-pitch voices like pros and the kisses are abundant to Baby F. We are so happy with our newest addition. I didn't know life could be this good!


  1. Loved reading this!! Sounds like you had a great birth experience and first weeks!! Excited for your family of 5!!!

  2. So sweet. Thanks for sharing!


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