Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Little Bunny

We have a little bunny that has made our yard its home.

When we were building, I captured a glimpse of this bunny early one morning in our new back yard. I was shocked and never thought I'd see him again.

But it was this summer that we saw him again and saw where he was living. He was a brave little bunny that even came up to our front door!

We have utility boxes on our property. This was the one negative Mr. JCrew had about the land before we bought it. But there were bushes that would grow around them and I would also landscape some more to draw your eye away from them.

When we bought the lot

These bushes were a great hiding spot for extra building material.

Even after closing, there was still material we were hiding over there. But the bushes finally grew and it slowly was looking better.

This summer the bushes were finally all the same height and could be trimmed neatly. It was finally perfect!

Our bunny loved to hang out in our bushes, but if we ever startled him, he took off for the utility boxes. I got a video of him.

These bushes were his safe-haven. We saw him at least once a day. The boys could look out their window and see him hopping around before bedtime.

There was also evidence that he was eating my plants. I caught him eating my monkey grass on the other side of the house.

And my cone-flowers were a favorite. I ended up looking up what they like to eat so I could plant it in the common area next to us. If their food source is low, they will eat things they don't like, just to get nutrition. This Fall, I was planning to seed clover and alfalfa. I even had the idea of planting a vegetable garden behind those large bushes!

But on a Wednesday, I get a call from my mom. The city is cutting down our bushes! The bushes were blocking access to the utility boxes. Our first thought was about the bunny! He was going to come home and see his house gone.

We saw the bunny that night and I felt for him.

I'm sure he didn't understand.

The next day I put a cardboard box out there for a temporary home.

I researched houses for bunnies and read how they like an escape route. So, our house needed to have two exits.

I found a design I liked and I went out and bought wood that night.

Mr. JCrew helped me build it that Friday night and I primed it with Kilz paint to help it withstand the weather.

The next morning the boys helped me paint it with leftover paint from the house.

They enjoyed it. This was a nice, big house for our bunny. He could invite his friends.

I even painted pictures of bunnies on the side so that people could identify what the box was for and leave it alone.

Mr. JCrew had the idea to put shingles on the top, which I also had leftover of.

And then he had the idea to paint plants around it. Great ideas, Mr. JCrew!

We put the new house out by the utility boxes and have been waiting to see our bunny come back. We last saw him on July 20th.

We were hoping he went to make a new home in the trees nearby. And hopefully our trees will get big soon and we will see more bunnies in our future.

I haven't given up hope. It will probably take a while to get bunnies back to our yard. I will be patient.

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  1. I love your heart and how you and your family have gone out of your way for another living creature. I won't tell you about my Mr. McGregor husband (we've had so many baby vegetable plants destroyed) and our, um, playful dog! (I'm sure she thinks she's just playing with the baby bunnies!) I hope your little friend returns.


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