Monday, February 13, 2017

Kitchen Windows

When we moved in, we immediately put up window coverings downstairs. The boys' bedrooms eventually got curtains, but they weren't using them for a while anyways. But the back of the house we left the windows uncovered. We didn't want to obstruct our view.

Plus, the sunsets are gorgeous. Even though the sun is in your eyes for 45 minutes, the view you get once the sun is behind the trees is beautiful. I didn't want anything to block it. But I lost that battle, and we have put shades up.

The windows were looking unfinished, but the main reason for window treatments was the sunset. The beautiful, but blinding sunset.

I had the salesman come over that did our plantation shutters to quote me for another project (details coming soon) and I told him to bring samples of his woven shades. I narrowed it down to three

They were all beautiful, but way past my budget. Even the cheapest one was not feasible. I went back to the drawing board. I liked the shades at the old house and I got those from Home Depot.

But Home Depot no longer carries them. I then ordered a shade from Home Depot called 'Driftwood' but it was a nightmare. It looked like fake, uneven painted wood. I returned that promptly. I then decided to look at Lowes in-stock inventory. I found a Levelor shade I really liked. It is called Tatami.

I wanted something that matched the wood floors, and it did. It had variations just like the floor. You can get the shades cut to the perfect width in the store, but not all widths come in all lengths. For some reason I could not get a shade narrower than 36 inches at a 60 inch length, it was only available in the 72 inch length. It would have to be a custom order. At $215 per window, I couldn't do it. I got the 72 inch length in a narrow size for the French doors, and came to a road block of what to do for the windows.

I used the 72-inch length on the doors. That is where the sunset was prettiest and the worst. You couldn't sit on the couch without the sun in your eyes.

Somehow I got on a Google hunt about making shades at a custom length. I then realized I could make the 72-inch length into 60-inch. So, I went back to Lowes and got the in-stock 72 inch length.

I measured where the shade hit the window sil and marked the fold with a piece of scotch tape.

I then cut a inch past the fold.

I removed the string and attached it the the next ring higher.

I then used hot glue to fix the fold permanently.

It was so easy and so worth not having to pay the custom price.

With our deep window sils, I put the shades halfway into the frame. I wanted to still have a window sil with the shades drawn.

For the really large window I was willing to have a custom shade so that I could have one shade and not three. That way I could not have to be bothered with trying to make the shades be pulled at the same height for all three. But, at 106" wide, the shade would have to be two shades on one headrail. This option wouldn't work and would look funny having two shades across three windows, and I couldn't get three shades on one headrail. So, I decided to go with three separate shades.

It looks great and is not that hard to get all three at the same height. Mr. JCrew was very worried the view would be obstructed, and I admit I got nervous when I saw the shades took up almost 1/4th of the window with them up. But I have already gotten use to it and can see things just fine. And pulling the shades at night has provided extra privacy. There is a street in the distance that while on, if you are TRYING to view our house, you can see it. I was on the street at night once and saw into some windows and thought it was pretty and then realized that was my house! Then I started thinking of what people could be seeing (no running to the fridge in my underwear! Not that I did.) Even though our backyard view is far away from neighbors, you can still see. So, I am glad we now have coverings to use at night.

Eventually, I would like to install some curtain panels the same color as the wall to add texture. I wouldn't need to close them, but they'd be there for structure. I'm on the hunt for the right fabric. I'm keeping a paint swatch in my purse for now. Stay tuned!

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