Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring is "THIS CLOSE"

It may be forty-degrees this morning, but the sun is shining and the bulbs are blooming.

Spring is my favorite season. I love to walk around the yard and monitor the plants as they wake up from their winter nap.

Last year, I watched to make sure things came back after being shocked at the transplant of their new home in the summer.

This year, I am watching to make sure things come back again after I replanted EVERYTHING during the summer. We had some drainage issues to fix (which I will write about later) and when I messed with the plants, they were shocked and a lot of them lost their leaves. But I had hope they would come back in the Spring, and so far, it is all looking promising.

I was gifted some daffodils by a neighbor that I planted in November, and they have been so rewarding. It appears to be a mix variety, but they have been in bloom for weeks!!

I also have bulbs that were gifted to me by a dear friend that I spread throughout the yard. I love their uniqueness. They are called "Leucojum Gravetye Giant."

My Ivory Silk Lilac is coming back this year.

The hydrangeas have leaves coming up from the ground, but I also see sprigs poking on the older branches.

The limelight hydrangeas are also coming back.

I have had Spring Fever like crazy. I haven't done anything major, but the last three weekends have been so warm. I have dug up some perennials and divided them and spread them out. I love doing that. I buy one plant. Let it grow for two years, then divide it and I have enough for the area I wanted to put it.

And because I love my yard so much, and I spend so much time at work, I bought a maidenhair fern to put on my desk. It is sitting in my bathroom right now, and I am tempted to buy another to keep in the bathroom. There is plenty of light that comes in through the shower window for it.

The yard is my happy place. The boys know I love plants/flowers and they want to buy me flowers, but all they have to do is cut flowers in the yard. And Little JCrew knows how to touch my heart. He will out-of-the-blue, tell me he is going to go check on my plants. I guess he's watched me enough and knows it makes me happy. It could also be an excuse to get outside for him. The boys definitely like to get their hands dirty and help.

Enjoy the cold weather this weekend, Spring is a few weeks away!

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