Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Little JCrew Graduates Kindergarten

Oh, boy... what a year! Little JCrew looked forward to and talked about graduation for weeks.

The first day of school and the last felt a few days apart.

First Day of School - August 10, 2017

Little JCrew developed so much this year. He had great teachers. One thing he learned this year was how to listen! He was always repeating to me the instructions his teachers gave.

Graduation day was exciting. The teachers' instructions were to wear a collared shirt. But on the morning of graduation, Little JCrew informed me that he wanted to wear a bow tie. The iron and ironing board came out and Mr. Brigglesworth also requested to wear a bow tie to school.

Little JCrew was made to perform. He gets so much enjoyment out of it.

This is where he reminds me of me! The stage is our happy place.

The first song they sang was, 'He's Still Working on Me.' This was my solo at my kindergarten graduation!

They also sang, 'Fruit of the Spirit,' 'Adios Amigos,' 'I Am A Promise,' and 'Pass It On.'

All of those songs were perfect and precious!

As Little JCrew walked to get his diploma, you could see his excitement.

Can't wipe that grin off his face!

When presented his diploma, he was asked what did he learn in kindergarten. His answer, "In Kindergarten, I learned how to subtract."

He was eager to get that tassel tossed to the opposite side by his teacher.

They then had a Candle Ceremony.

The kids all threw their caps on the stage, and of course Little JCrew was meticulous to find his afterwards.

I think all the kids got excited to throw their caps.

And Mr. Brigglesworth's teacher, Ms. Becky, made Cake Pops with graduation caps!

Mimi came into town just in time for graduation. She had been in Florida for a week for the high school graduation of my niece.

Little JCrew is so excited for his new adventure in First Grade. There were some other kids sad to not be returning (our school only goes to Kindergarten) and not seeing their friends, but Little JCrew is energized and excited to make new friends and have new teachers. He was so eager, that he thought he was going to meet everyone at the new school on Saturday. Mr. JCrew had to tell him it is okay to take the summer off!

Little JCrew makes life fun. I have no idea where his future will lead him, but I know the path will be an adventure with him. I am excited for the ride!

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  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I meant to talk to you afterward about how great he did on stage! He had the biggest motions and facial expressions by far. I had seen them practice for a few days, and he had always done well, but boy, when it came time to perform for an audience, he turned it on! He's definitely a born performer, and I can't wait to see where life takes him.


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