Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Trim Around the Dryer Vents

This might be boring to some, but I don't like to leave details out.

Back when we designed the house, I saw where you could have recessed dryer vents.

You hear horror stories fires starting because of vents being clogged because of the direction of the vent and the length of the vent to the outside, so we paid attention to that part of the design. But, the recessed vent allows you to put the dryer close to the wall.

Typically, the HVAC contractor installs the large PVC pipe prior to inspection of the foundation, but our plumber did it for us (we ran our dryer vent down through the foundation). When the framing was going up and the HVAC contractor was installing the tubing in the attic, I asked if we could have the recessed vent and showed in the picture above. He said, "Yes, that's what we do. That's what you'll have."

I don't think that's what I got! haha. There is a little bit of a box, but it was definitely handmade with thin metal.

It was sheetrocked and left with an unfinished look. I guess my trim guy was waiting for me to ask for it to be done, and I thought it was part of my package.

A year went by in the house. It only sort of bugged me, because it was hidden, but I think it really bugged Mom. She kept asking what I was going to do about it. So, I bought some trim that had a "lip" and used my new nail gun to install.

This is where I could tell the box was definitely homemade, as no edges were alike. I originally thought of doing a little more work and buying those boxes I originally wanted at Lowes/Home Depot, but after studying them, it was not going to work in our situation.

Trim gives it a finished look. It was really easy to do and glad it is finally done.

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  1. looks good. i need mine done. ;) love how handy you are


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