Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Adding Shelves To A Cabinet

In our kitchen, there are cabinets that have wire fronts that I love.

It was hard to pick out a wire because they didn't have samples to choose from. Just like the doors, they had hand-drawings to choose from. I studied the drawings and picked a wire. Good thing I loved it!

The cabinets with wire fronts were built with the purpose to display my mom's plates and things. We were combining two households and I liked her pottery better than mine, but I would treat it like the special occasion China while I have kids at the house!

I don't have many "before" pictures, but the cabinet only had one shelf! That gave us two surfaces in the cabinet to display the pottery. We made it all work, but it continued to feel "off."

I thought about calling the cabinet guy to build us another shelf, but as time passed, I figured he wouldn't want to do such a small job and would probably not have my paint anymore. (I am still wishing I would have asked for his leftover paint. I cannot get a match.)

I went out and bought wood and mimic'd the current shelves. I was limited on spacing of the shelves because of the outlets in the back. I couldn't space them evenly, so the tall things go toward the bottom and the short items are on the top.

I am very pleased! With only one shelf before, I used  other items to lift up the display (Bowls turned upside down with a plate to look like a cake stand; Bowls stacked on top of stacked plates, etc) Now the display didn't feel lacking.

I had fun creating symmetry with the display.

Without too many things stacked on each other, they are easier to access. Now it is hard for me to remember how I arranged it without the extra shelf. It must have been a mess!

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