Saturday, September 30, 2017

Mr. Brigglesworth is FIVE

Another month, another birthday!

Mr. Brigglesworth is officially five! This kid is so special. I'm going to keep it to bullet points so I can easily jot this down.

He has a tender-heart. We've seen this from the beginning, and he has not outgrown it.

He REALLY likes a plan. He lays out all kinds of plans, but also likes it if you tell him what your plan is.

He is a very good big brother to Mr. Pfitzer. He watches over him, but also provides this goofy side that gets Mr. Pfizer cracking up.

He has favorite songs. He requests these songs on demand in the car. I try to explain that radio isn't run on demand.

He requests you turn songs up when he likes them.

He likes rock songs!

He is sensitive to sound. He likes songs turned up, but he has a threshold.

He loves to sleep and gladly still takes naps.

He sleeps in odd positions.

He has cute color songs he learned that helps him know how to spell colors. He loves singing them, and I love listening.

He's been a die-hard lefty from birth, and I love it. He still writes the "g's" in his name backwards.

He doesn't like his blankets to be hot when he goes to bed.

He thinks Dad is suppose to drive the car no matter what. Mom can only drive if Dad is not present.

He doesn't like a lot of frosting. I gladly lick the frosting off cupcakes before he eats them.

He use to call cupcakes "pupcakes." I let it slide because it was cute, but I knew one day a teacher would correct it.

He doesn't strike me as one with a good memory, but ohhh, does he, and it's better than mine!

He is not as confident as his older brother. He knows the right answer, but he doesn't jump in thinking he's right. He questions a lot.

He has fashion sense. He doesn't like his pajamas to be too matchy, but go together. And his favorite pair of shoes are a blue-plaid loafer type. He rocks his style proudly!

He has really taken to karate. His punching form is good and he can now do pushups.

His favorite pasttime is wrestling.

He comes up with my favorite sayings. "I need some hot." "It's darking." "Pupcakes." "And that'll be all."

He is VERY observant.

I love my Brigglesworth very much. I thought I had this parenting thing down, but he throws me curveballs, and I love him for it.  I am so lucky to be his mom! Happy 5th Birthday!!!

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  1. such a great post i love it and happy birthday to him.
    oh and that last picture of him and rob, he looks so much like his big bro, and i have never thought they looked alike. crazy. ;)


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