Monday, December 18, 2017

Face Cutouts 2017

I’ll begin by saying I don’t know what these things are called, so I call them “Face Cut Outs.” We see them all over the place. Our favorites are at the Pumpkin Patch.

This year, I made some of my own! It was an easy project that I got started with in July.

Every December, my neighborhood hosts a Luminary Stroll. This is our third year doing it, and I spear-headed the event. We use plastic luminaries instead of white paper bags and it has a light string to use instead of candles. It’s really awesome. Especially when you get all your neighbors to do it and connect to each other (not really, but it looks like they do). I am so proud of my street! This is the first year we have had no blank houses… 7 houses in a row! And it actually continues with four more if you hang a left where the luminaries on our street end. The effect is really pretty.

At the Luminary Stroll, we gather at the clubhouse to mingle and then head out to view the Christmas Light Displays together. Each year the event gets larger and we add more things. Most ideas come a week before the event, but we can’t execute. So we save the idea for the following year. One of those ideas was for the face cut outs.

I got the ball rolling in July by trying to come up with a design. I needed a design that was sturdy but didn’t have a large “footprint” so that they could easily be stored. I searched around on Pinterest.
I ended up with a simple stand.

But before I got to that part, I practiced cutting out the hole for the face. I made sure I picked out thin wood so that I could easily cut the hole out.

I traced an oval for the face shape and then drilled holes along the line.

I then took my reciprocating saw to “Connect” the dots.

I then sanded the edges… VERY IMPORTANT! You don’t want people to get splinters in their necks.

My circles weren’t perfect. The battery was getting low, causing me trouble with accuracy, but I finished!

I then attached the boards to the stands.

I now had a base to paint. With how the wood was cut and how tall and wide I calculated my measurements, I ended up making four face cut outs. I had two volunteers that said they would help me paint. One lady took two and she made gorgeous snowpeople! I had no idea how talented she was. The level of detail is amazing!

Another lady whipped up a Nutcracker in less than a day. I dropped it off at her house early afternoon, and she text me a picture that night of the final product!

Because a nutcracker is known for their mustaches, we couldn’t leave that part out, yet, the face was cut out. So, my volunteer made a template and I used some leftover wood and my scroll saw and cut out a mustached to place over the hole. The only downside, is people can’t rest their chin on the cutout, but it gives them a mustache and it’s cute!

I decided to be artistic and painted one myself. I do not considered myself an artist in the true sense of the word, but I was proud of myself with this one. I paired my cutout to go with the Nutcracker. I made Clara!

I can draw pointe shoes like nobody’s business, since I drew them all growing up and had it perfected, but ask me to draw body parts, and I flunk!

I started with one color at a time. This made me feel like I knew what I was doing.

I was pretty proud of the finished product.

I colored the hair brown, because I thought that was an easier color to create than blonde, but it got lost on my navy background. I then tried to up my game and add dimension. This is where things got dicey. I was not good and very critical. I realize now, that adding dimension needs to be done while all paint is wet. I tried and tried to add detail. That dress has seven coats of white on it, as I would try to show creases, but didn’t like it, so I painted over it. I finally gave up and put subtle lines in there, but you can’t see them, they are so subtle.

I did try and add detail to the hair so that you could see it better and see that is was ringlets. 

I only painted over the brown 3 times before I liked it. 

The event was this past Sunday and the kids loved the cutouts. They were a huge it!

Now to store the cutouts are the clubhouse and not my garage!!!

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