Thursday, December 14, 2017

Giant Ornaments

Every season, it is my responsibility to have a new arrangement for the urns at the clubhouse in our neighborhood.

The first year, I had Blue Colorado Spruce and I loved it! But the developer was not fond of it, so I didn't repeat it.

The second year, I put a live wreath from Costco as the base and a poinsettia. I didn't take pictures. The poinsettia's are nice, but they really don't like the cold. I brought them in constantly. They only lasted a few weeks.

This year, I had the idea to do something that was not a plant. Pansies are too small to be seen from far away, but are the only thing hardy in extreme cold.

I bought the Costco wreath again to be at the rim of the urn, but then I decided to have a large ornament! I looked up many tutorials on Pinterest, but went with my own with what I could easily find.

I bought large bouncy balls from Walmart over the summer. It was hard keeping those away from Pfitzer.

I spray painted them many times trying to figure out what was right. I first primed them.

I used my Home Depot 5-gallon buckets as a stand while painting and drying.

The next part was the silver spray. I found one that had the perfect shine to it, but it left the ball sticky. It wasn't drying properly. Pfitzer got his hands on it and has left many silver handprints around the house. Memories!

I then scrubbed the balls to get the stickyness off and found a different spray that dried better without being sticky. But it was a dull silver look. That was okay. I could use a clear gloss spray over it to give it a shine.

When it came time to install the topper, I messed up. I used hot glue and it burned a hole in the ball! I even tried it again but let the glue cool off some before putting the topper on, and it still popped a hole. The task now was to find new bouncy balls... in October. There were none in the stores.

I then went online. I bought a hopper ball.  You remember the ones with handles? It was the only way I could find a huge ball.

I then repeated the process of priming and painting. But this time, I at least knew what paint to use to avoid sticky fingers!

Then the shiny top coat.

The topper is just a disposable deep pie pan, and the wire is coated and pokes through holes I made.

I then glued the topper to the ball. I made sure not to cover the hole to the ball, in case I need to put more air in it next year.

 Getting the hopper ball with a handle turned out perfect. I used the handle to run duct tape through it to hold the ball down. The ends of the duct tape attached to the urn.

The ornaments turned out great! I am very pleased with them.

You can even see them from afar!

This was a fun project to do. And I am hoping it will be reusable every year. Luckily, it came with a pump and can be re-inflated. I'll keep you updated!

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