Monday, December 8, 2014

Winter Urns

The ice-breaker for Sunday School two weeks back, had us reflect on what our front porch would say about us. (This is because we were learning about the Mezuzah). I was not there for the ice-breaker, so Mr. JCrew used me for his answer. He said that if someone were to guess who we were by our front porch only, they would guess we were gardeners. It's true, I love plants and I love to be out in the yard. And while we are temporarily living with my mom, I've stocked her porches with plants.

The neighborhood we live in has a garden committee, and I participate. It is so much fun! We were given the task to come up with a Winter urn for the clubhouse. The urns would stay at the clubhouse and be rotated with seasonal flowers.

First we had to select a design. We had four designs to choose from.

We ended up choosing the one that was very Christmas-y (#3). Since we did not have urns, we had to procure some. The developer chose those, and I kept them at Mom's house. They weren't Mom's style and she couldn't wait to see them go.

I used spare rock from the construction site to fill the bottom, after I drilled a drainage hole.

The lip of the urn would have trailing pansies that will spill over the edge. Gold, red and purple are the colors of winter (I was told).

Now, for the centerpiece, we picked a Colorado Blue Spruce. It's pretty and smells awesome! And for the greenery, we cut some branches from juniper, holly and magnolia on the berm at the entrance of our neighborhood.

We spray-painted some of the magnolia pods silver for some flare, and we had some fake red berries to add.

When the greenery withers away, we will remove them and the pansies will be there to take the lead. We also planted some crocus bulbs in between the pansies that should come up in January.

It was a lot of fun to put them together and meet new friends. And the coloring/style may not have been my mom's, it is perfect at the clubhouse!

When it comes time to make the Spring arrangement, we'll remove the spruces and plant them in one of our vacant common areas. And someone had a great idea of using dogwoods for the centerpiece of our Spring arrangements. Then we'll plant those in a common area when we are through with them as well.


  1. AHH! We went to Steven's company Christmas party on Saturday night at the clubhouse and I SWEAR I saw those urns when we walked in and said, "Oooh! Those are pretty!" I had no idea you had your hand in them-I just looked at this post for the first time today! I just appreciated them for how nice the looked regardless!:) So funny-great work!

    1. That's awesome! We had a lot of fun putting them together. Glad they were recognized.


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