Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Our first Thanksgiving without Dad.

My sister from Florida came up to visit and brought her husband.

They also brought their pups. We had SEVEN dogs. Thank goodness they are small.

Anderson, Jackson, Colby, Hunter, Kates, Bosley, Charles

The house was full, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

We spent Thanksgiving with our friends. The kiddos had a great time at their own table.

Little JCrew even tried the cranberry sauce!

We didn't do any Black Friday shopping, but we did get out of the house. We went to Lowes! I really wanted to visit the subcontractors for the house, but they are good businesses and allowed their employees to have the day after Thanksgiving off. To satisfy the need to get something done, we went to Lowes. The boys liked cramming themselves into vanities.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with the Jenson side on Sunday. We walked in and were blown away with the setup.

It was perfect. Cole wrote out the name tags.

Mr. JCrew's sisters have the pictures with everyone sitting down. Grandpa J had all the kids at his end.

After dessert, we ended the night with Bunco! It was a fun game the kids enjoyed. It will now be a tradition.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. December is here and that's hard to believe!

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  1. what a great thanksgiving. thanks for sharing


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