Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Modified Greenhouse

The weather sure skipped over the Fall niceness, and went to sever cold a few weeks back. The weather continues to be hot / cold and it is messing with people's health and the plants just don't know what they should be doing.

When we left the old house, I took a lot of plants with me. I divided the lirope and daylilies to use in the new yard. I also took all of the iris Nana gave me.

During this time of living at Mom's place, I have acquired more plants. My co-worker is an extraordinary green-thumb and gives me all kinds of unique plants that only real gardiners have!

Dwarf Lamb's Ear

She introduces me to so many. One of those being a shade-loving Soloman's Seal. Such a cool name and plant.

Soloman's Seal

When her yard gets over-crowded, she divides them and shares them. I'm just one of the lucky recipients.

I didn't want to plant all of these in the ground and later have to move them, but they needed protection from the cold. I thought of using the garage, but it's a one car garage and the driveway only holds two cars, so we need the garage space.

I looked into buying a greenhouse, then making a green house, until I came to my final idea. The boys have a playhouse that they won't be using when it is cold. I can board up the windows and put all the plants in there.

In the treehouse, we put two plant stands we already owned to take advantage of vertical space.

I used visqueen as the plastic barrier to cover the windows. Two of the windows have shutters, but the others did not. I also made a flap for the door.

There is even a skylight in the playhouse to let light in.

So far, this has been a huge help for keeping the plants from burning in the frost. Some of my plants had new growth (from the crazy weather) and I didn't want them to be harmed.

The only downside is it's a pain to water. But this past weekend, I cut all the dead foliage off the plants and it's easier to water. I don't have to water often either.

I'm proud of my greenhouse. I didn't want it to be an eye-sore or have anything take up room in our small yard. This worked out great. Best part, I have plants ready to go in the new yard! Just have to pay for sod and trees! Not bad at all.

And while I was converting the playhouse, Mom was using the contraption Dad created to blow the leaves out of the gutters. She has woods behind her house and the leaves are abundant. Dad created this extension for the leaf blower so that we could easily clean out the gutters and not use a ladder. Thanks, Dad!

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