Monday, November 10, 2014

Brick Colors

Our land we are to build on is in a subdivision with an HOA and Architecture Board. For each house built, the builder/owner has to submit an application. Along with that application, you have to provide a sample of the brick you are to use and the exterior paint chips.

I was not even close to picking a brick color yet. We've been designing this house and I had my choice of brick color and Mr. JCrew had his. This is the only thing where our tastes varied. I like red brick and he does not. My favorite brick color is near my mom's house.

But I'm picky about my red's. It can't be red-red. There has to be some contrast to it. Below is an example of red brick I do not like. It may be that I think the stone doesn't match.

This red brick is okay, and reminds me of our first house.

When I think of brick and stone being on the same side of the house, I picture them matching. This house does that very well. Mr. JCrew says it looks very masculine.

There is white brick that can be testefully done.

And then there is white brick that is too much. I can't judge it yet because it is not finished. The trim and shutters could make it so much better. But I have nicknamed this house the "pink house." When it rains, the house turns pink!

This picture made the brick look white, but it really a cream with varying shades mixed in. This house has been under construction forever. My sister always asks about it becase she can't believe that each time she visits, the owners have not moved in! I think they're close!

Mr. JCrew seems to like gray/brown brick. 

My mom has always loved this house.

To me, I think I shy away from gray/brown because of the lack of color. But there was one color of brick that we both liked and I chose it as my backup color. I loved watching this house be built. I am in love with the front doors and the porch ceiling.

I've thought about painting brick if I couldn't find a color Mr. JCrew and I agreed on.

But I shutter at the maintenance of paint. I rather only have my trim and minimal siding to touch-up every few years and not the entire house.

We drove all around the city and finally found a color we liked. We always overlooked it because the majority of the house is stone.

 I called the builder and asked him the brick name and color. He provided it to me along with the mortar color and stone. I've realized brick shopping how important mortar color is. Below is a sample of the same brick we've chosen, but with a different color mortar. Makes a huge difference.

Ivory Mortar
Buff Mortar

So, I called the brick company and asked if I could borrow a sample to get approval from the HOA. But I also needed the sample to pick an exterior trim color. This step made me really nervous.

I knew what color I wanted the doors to be; Dragon's Breath by Benjamin Moore. I started with that paint swatch. When I pulled it, I realized I loved every color in the family. My choices would now be easy.

I really did do a happy dance and got all excited. This was it! Next, I had to decide what color and where. It's hard to describe without showing you the elevation of the house, but I would need three, possibly four, colors on the exterior.

One rule of thumb I was given, was to pick the shade darker of the color you like when selecting exterior colors. The sun washes colors out. The 'London Fog' color at the top of the swatch in the picture above appears gray, but would look white on the house outside. That was a good rule of thumb to use.

When selecting our colors, I had to remember the style of house I have. It is mainly Tudor, with a front porch. Tudors don't have porches, but we both wanted one. And usually tudor style houses use dark trim colors. You can't find white trim on a tudor. So that nixed my lighter color I had picked for trim (Ben Moore China White).

I picked out three colors. Here's where they fit on the color swatch.

I remembered to pick the shade darker than what I was drawn to.

I am very excited to have picked colors and be happy with them. I really took this step seriously. It's not like the interior that is easier to change. I have a reputation for painting things over, but I think I am learning what I like and am happy with and sticking to that instead of trying to be bold.

As for what we selected:

Brick: Harbour Shoals by Pine Hall Brick
Mortar: Lite Buff
Trim 1: Plymouth Rock by Benjamin Moore
Trim 2: Gargoyle by Benjamin Moore
Trim 3: Dragon's Breath by Benjamin Moore

Once they go up on the house, I'll share more pictures.

Whew. I'm getting really excited now.

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  1. I would love to be able to zoom in on the house below the "my mom has always loved this house" comment. We are currently building and trying to decide on our brick and stone combo as I type. Any suggestions on how to see the type of stone they combined with this brick. I think the brick we have chosen is very similar. Thanks for any and all help.


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