Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Nook Shelves

I designed a little nook in the toilet room of our bathroom to store things out of view, but necessities needed while you are in the toilet room. Not to get too personal, but it helps you avoid having to leave the toilet room to go fetch a new toilet paper roll. And if I’ve left some people behind, when I refer to a toilet room, I am talking about how bathrooms in newer houses have a toilet hidden behind walls and a door inside the bathroom so that you can use the restroom in peace while someone else can come in the restroom to wash their hands and not be staring at you.

I didn’t have our trim guy build shelves for our nook, because I knew I could do it on my own. But this project was before I bought my new nail gun last year. I should probably redo the shelves, but it’s fine and I can live with it.
The shelves not only hide extra toilet paper rolls, but they help keep things off the back of the toilet that we use to keep; like the air freshener and flushable wet wipes. The wet wipes were an awesome transition for the boys during potty training.

The shelves really keep the toilet room looking clean and not cluttered. You have necessities within reach, but out of view.

And at the bottom of the nook, is where I place the trash can, cleaning wand and plunger.

All this is packed into a little room, but you wouldn't know it!

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