Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Necklace Display

I claim that I am a jewelry girl, but if a real jewelry girl heard me say that, they’d beg to differ. I have choices to choose from, but I have my favorites I wear every day. And I still wear an old-fashioned watch, by Seiko, that is going on 17 years old! I still love it and haven’t found anything better.
I have a few places that I store my jewelry. The every day jewelry is in a small box that I got as a favor/gift for being in a friend’s wedding. And actually, I wasn’t able to be in her wedding due to a dance performance, but she still provided the gift to me.

All my other jewelry is in a cool box I got years ago while living in Orlando. From a place called the Container Store. But I still lacked a place to store necklaces. I don’t have many necklaces, but the box I had just allowed the necklaces to get tangled up. Plus, the box just hid my jewelry and I forgot I had the pieces.
So, in the new house, I went searching for ideas on where to hang my necklaces. At first I thought of the closet, but that idea fizzled.
Then I started thinking about hanging them on a wall and how to hang them on the wall.

I then came across so hooks on etsy. They were perfect.

They hang on a wall outside my closet. Only I see them, but it is one of my favorite spaces.

I also used the same hooks to hang my ball caps inside my closet.

I like the little display nook that I created. I see it every time I enter my closet.

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