Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Dining Room

The dining room is constantly changing, but here it is in its current state.

The old dining room set we owned dated all the way back to my condo in Orlando. I kept it as a square in the condo, but put the leaves in to make it a rectangle in the larger house.  The buyer of our old house wanted it, so he kept it. It was a bar-height table which worked, but I was ready to get down to table-height.


First House

I bought the new dining set while we were living in my parent's townhome and we put their dining room set in storage and put our new set in her dining room. The table and chairs were not a set together, but I picked the table I liked and the chairs I liked. I've always been drawn to ladderback chairs.

The table has leaves to expand and we need them to fit everyone during the holiday's. I love having a big table!

If I could change one thing, I might have changed the color. I went for a dark color, as I love dark wood, but the new house has very little dark wood. I guess it doesn't blend into the floor or wall, but it definitely sticks out. But the color has grown on me. The thing these days is to mix colors of wood, so I am okay.


I was back and forth on a rug. The rug from our dining room in the last house is now under our bed in the master bedroom. This table is larger, therefore needs a larger rug. I first thought I wanted a sisal/jute rug, but that became too popular. Now, I'm thinking of a rug that has navy in it so it can tie in the office right next to it.

Here is the rug I am currently liking.
Kensington Blossom by FLOR

I took my time decorating the house (still not done), but the first thing I hung on the walls were the candle sconces. But the space above the shiplap was bare and I didn't know what to do with it. I couldn't center artwork on the wall, because that wouldn't be center with the room. The staircase opening threw things off.  But I was fine with not having anything on the wall. Til one day Mom found a large cutting board. I had been looking for a large one to use as a table runner. I found this one locally and loved it, but it wouldn't work as a table runner. It just got lost on the table with all the decor on it. And if I was going to spend good money on it, I didn't want it to be hidden. So, it went onto the wall!

I like it!

As for the table, the decor has also changed on it. I got the large jugs at Hobby Lobby in the tinted green color. I have a few different sprigs to alternate during the seasons, but the fiddle leaf fig stems I found at Pier One have been my favorite and I have not rotated my other stems.

Pussy Willow

I love that our dining room is close to the kitchen, but open to the rest of the house. I could sit at our table for hours and eat and talk. Guess I need to plan more dinner parties!

Dining Table - Pottery Barn Cortona Wood Extending Rectangular Dining Table
Dining Chairs - Pottery Barn Wynn Ladderback
Tabletop Jug/Vase - Hobby Lobby
Cutting Board - Local Shop (Brooks & Collier)
Chandelier - Lowes Westmore Lighting 9-light Hartford Oil-Rubbed (also used in many "Fixer Upper"s!)
Candle Sconces - Pottery Barn Juliana Hanging Iron Hurricane Item # 43-1868504

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  1. i love it. ladder back chairs are one of my fave too. the cutting board on the wall look fab, very Joanna ;)


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