Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Staircase Pictures

The staircase has been pretty bare since we moved in, but I finally hung some artwork.

You may remember me talking about these watercolors here. Mom had come up with the idea to have watercolor paintings made of the two houses we combined to create JW Homestead. I had a picture of our old house and my parent's townhouse converted to watercolor.

I looked up tutorials on how to do this in Photoshop and did a couple of my own, but I really liked the app called Waterlogue that I had originally used. It had more "bleeding" imperfections that I liked.

Well, I never got these prints made or framed. I honestly couldn't figured out where I wanted them. I'm still trigger-shy on putting holes in my walls! I don't want clutter, yet want decor. My mom kept asking when I was going to do it, but I kept putting it off, but for Christmas, her gift was cash that was earmarked for the frames. This was her way of kicking me in the tail to get it done.

Before I could pick out frames, I had to see how big the print would be. I was unsure if the Waterlogue app had given me a print that could be printed large. Plus, I also had to go find the digital copies I had saved...somewhere. It had been too long. The Waterlogue app provided large digital files, so I was good. I printed 8x10's. I then found frames and used large mats.

Next up was placement. I still was unsure. I had a couple ideas. I narrowed it down to the staircase. I was undecided on where to center it on the landing... the step? the railing? the landing itself?

I ended up centering it with the two railings. This part took a little longer because the hooks on the backs of the frame were not identical in their height so I had to measure the actual distance of the two individual hooks and make sure they created a level frame!

I'm really happy with the placement. It finishes that space.

I liked the staircase before, but really like it now.

I do not plan to make another staircase of pictures in the last house, but this gives some interest and has meaning.

Every time I walk by the stairs now, I notice the pictures. I want to keep that feeling of my brain knowing there is something new. It's a great feeling.


  1. I love these watercolors! I've thought several times it would be neat to have a watercolor of our house-or even all the houses we have owned. Now your post really makes me want to do it! It looks great.


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