Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Bonus Mirror

Moving on up the staircase, I found another large mirror for upstairs. The walls in the bonus room are bare, with the exception of one, but it hasn’t bothered me.

But I did find that the landing part of the room felt bare.

Looking up the staircase, you see the little chair, but that’s it.

I decided to be on the hunt for a large mirror. One that looked like a window. My hope was that the light from the little window across from the mirror, would bounce off the mirror and shine more light into the room. 

I was at Pier 1 and looked at their mirrors. That’s when I saw it! And it was on sale. It was at the back of the pile, so I tried to hold all the other mirrors, stick my camera back there and take a picture so I could see it. That didn’t work. I still couldn’t tell.

I then proceeded to move all the mirrors individually so that I could see the mirror and make a decision. I loved it!

I brought it home and showed Mr. JCrew. I’m sure he’s not as excited as me, but he showed support!

Now that it’s up there, I love it! It’s just what the space needed. And Little JCrew told me that it looked like a window, so I knew I did good!

That side of the room now feels complete. It feels like there is a window up there and it bounces the light into the room. It's also awesome how the wood color and paint went with what we already have.

1 comment:

  1. it's perfect. i love it. great find. it totally looks like a window.


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