Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Mr. Brigglesworth's Room

Mr. Brigglesworth has a bedroom waiting for him when he is ready to be on his own. He has taken a few naps in there when the boys needed to be separated, but I don't see him moving in permanently for a while.

He does keep all his clothes in his dresser and closet, but that is the extent of using it.

The bed is currently a full size because that is what we had, but if my boys grow the way I think they will, I will be having to upgrade to a larger bed in the rooms.

The desk in Mr. Brigglesworth's room is my parents'. I added a shelf above it and it is a playful corner right now. I made sure each bedroom was large enough to have a desk. Even though there is a huge desk down in the office for them to use, I know I liked having my own space when I was growing up.

Mr. Brigglesworth doesn't have a theme for his room, other than colorful. And that's what I've noticed his personality has turned out to be! He has these blue plaid shoes that he loves and wears all the time. It is hard to match them with outfits, but we have figured some out. And the outfits he puts together are colorful as well. There are so many creative things he comes up with. I want to live in his head for a day.

I have moved around some wall art in the room, but that it is about it. I tried to hang things in different patterns to create interest.

Mr. Brigglesworth definitely has a lot of floor space in his room to play, and that's where they go to spread out. His floor is always a mess with toys.

For a time, there was no baby monitor in his room, and it was where they boys would go to play when they were suppose to be napping. They had figured out we couldn't hear them when they went in there. We then added a monitor to that room.

When I am heading down the stairs, I see a glimpse of his room that I love to see.

And as I am writing about this, there is a theme in our house... no doors to the bathrooms! Oh, dear. I thought it was only our master bath, but I created it so that you could peak into the bathroom from the bedroom upstairs.

No worries, the tub and toilet are in a separate part that has a door. It's only the sink that does not have a door. I wanted to be able to see that fun color of green more often than a shut door.

There you have it. Mr. Brigglesworth's colorful room!


  1. I love his colorful room and especially the fun bathroom! That is hilarious that they figured out the room without the monitor to play in. Ah, brothers!


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