Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Ukelele Hanging

For Christmas 2016, Mr. Brigglesworth was gifted a blue Ukelele. He has loved that thing! But with baby brother's hands, it was kept up more often than it was played with. We had to keep it out of Mister Pfitzer's hands and it was stored in all kinds of places. But it has recently found a permanent home!

At first we were storing it in the living room on the book shelves. That way, we could see it. But it wasn't played with. It then got moved to the play closet and was REALLY not played with because it was on a shelf up high.

I then got the idea to get a hanger similar to the guitar hangers and hang his ukelele. Next decision was where? I thought about putting it in his bathroom, but then I decided to put it in his room.

I think it is cute. It's played with more and little brother can't reach it.

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