Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Boy Bathroom

The boys' bedrooms are connected with a Jack-n-Jill bathroom. The toilet and bathtub are shared, but each boy has their own sink.

The cabinets used are a fun green color. The cabinet maker called it John Deere Green and that's about what it is! I love it.

Inside the shared portion, the boys towels are hung on an oar that I put hooks on.

The doors open into this room and leave enough space for the old nightstand and lamp.

I found a new home for my propellers that were hanging in the old house in Little JCrew's room.

These propellers were my dad's. He had a propeller repair shop while I was growing up. I came up with a way to hang them on the wall and duplicated it at this house. Putting them above the toilet seemed to keep them out of the way so no heads would knock into them.

The shower curtain is the one from our bonus bath in the old house. I surprisingly found a striped rug that went with it.

Peeking into one room, you see the cabinet and mirror.

But looking in the other direction, you see the linen closet.

This was also a room that we tiled ourselves, so I am pretty proud of it.

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