Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Painting Grout

I used Mapei’s Grout Refresh at the old house and have already used it in the new house.
During the construction of the new house, I did not cover ANY of my floors after they were installed.

Lesson #1 learned: cover the floors once they are installed. It will save a lot of cleaning work and avoid damage.

We used real marble hexagon tile in the master shower and I loved it. I remember picking out just the right color of grout (Mapei – Warm Gray). We used epoxy grout that is suppose to be awesome and color change resistant and mold resistant. However, we did not cover up the floor after it was installed. Once tile is installed in a shower, the hardware (glass door, showerhead, etc) can be installed. When our contractors came to install those items, their shoes were muddy. And we have clay as our soil and clay stains so bad! My grout was now orange!

It was hard to get pictures. From a distance you couldn’t tell, but every time I used the shower, I saw gross orange. It looked like we had a mold problem. Our shower was clean!

I looked into getting Grout Refresh to help, but couldn’t find it in the color I needed. I then thought about choosing a different color to change it to, but I loved the warm gray I had picked out. While we were at Lowes getting the tile cut for the Laundry Backsplash, I just glanced at the Mapei display for Grout Refresh and saw the color I needed!!! It hadn’t been there before. I got excited and bought it. 

Painting grout does not sound like a fun project, and I can’t say that I think it is. It’s not. You can’t get the area wet for 24 hours, so I waited until Mr. JCrew left for a work trip and stayed up one night and painted grout. It’s what I do for fun while he’s away! Haha.

I posted my first Instagram Story showing the process. However, I got it wrong. I’ve used the product twice now and never once read the directions. Or maybe I did and forgot. But I did not do it like the directions said. My IG Story said to paint it on, let it dry (but not completely) and then scrape off the paint from the tile. If you wait too long, the paint is on there for good. However, I found I could wet it a little and get it off. But if it’s been longer than 12 hours, it is not coming off. I tackled a small section at a time, so by the time I stopped painting, I could go to where I started and start cleaning the tile.

This is where I was wrong. The directions say to let the paint sit 30-60 minutes. Then spray it with water and let it sit another30 minutes and then clean the paint of the tile.


I only tackled the orange grout in my shower. Thankfully the whole shower was not dirty, it was just where the shower door was. Now that it is painted, it feels brand new. Looks like it should have from Day 1 of living in our new house. I never got that fresh start with this shower.

I find myself looking at it over and over. So glad.

I highly recommend this product. Whether you’re trying to restore your original grout color, or want to change the previous owner’s bad color choice. This paint is also a sealer so it will protect from future stains.

You don’t have to be precise, but it still takes a while using a toothbrush or a small paint brush. Pour yourself a glass of wine and have lovely music playing in the background. It will be a long project!

UPDATE: I painted the grout of the shower floor in January of this year. The shower is used daily and over time, the paint has washed away! When I used this product before, I used it in the foyer, where it never gets wet. I would not recommend this product for routinely wet areas.


  1. Would you use it for large grout? My parents foyer was put in around 32 years ago. The tile is still neutral and looks great. But the grout! It's pretty big and we try to steam clean it each year but it takes the whole year for our knees to heal! :)

    1. This paint has to be done by hand. It is labor intensive. If the question is about a large grout width, then "yes", you can use it on that. My brick foyer has large grout lines (just shy of an inch thick) and I used it on there to touch it up. But a large area would have to be broken down in sections. I've only done this is my foyers (heavy traffic area).


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