Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Shoe Storage

Building a house of our own, there were a lot of things we did ourselves to save money. Closet organization was one. Fancy closet systems can cost a lot (even the Ikea hacks), so I stuck with wire shelving I could do myself.

No matter which material you choose, there is a lot of planning that goes into closet organization.

What belongings do you currently have? The size (length)? Quantity? Future belongings that will need storage? All kinds of questions need to be asked. From there, you can then start determining the layout needed for your organization.

When it came to my shoe storage, I was having a hard time determining what I wanted. There were ideas I would find that I thought would work, but then they turned out I didn't have the right space to execute. I was limited on space.

I designed my closet to not only house my clothes, but it also keeps my winter clothes and jackets and the random items I need storage for. My current shoe racks were plastic and took up minimal space, but I had a few pair of shoes that just hung out on the floor. I was tired of them being lined up on the floor, so I started my search over again for a solution.

After going through my shoe collection and making sure all shoes were worn regularly, it was determined that more storage was necessary. I ended up buying curtain rods!

This method can only be used for heels, but everyone knows that's all I wear, so I had no issue.

I had the extra space for the curtain rods to hang on the wall under shelving I was not using to hang anything.

My flip flops are the only thing left hanging out on the floor, but there is enough space to tuck them away.

And the boots are on the shelf with the sweaters.

Nothing fancy, but it works! I am all for good organization!

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