Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Master Suite

The Master Bedroom is slowly evolving into a comfortable space. The room dimensions are the same from the old house. The room size felt comfortable and I wanted to stick with it.

The only change I wanted to make at the last house I made for this one. I always wanted two more windows on the wall to the left of the bed, so this new room has those missing two windows.

I love the view out those windows. The landscape is not mature yet, but once it is, we will have all kinds of privacy. And don't get me started on the sunset view from those windows. It's gorgeous!

I'm still not satisfied with the space over the bed. Mr. JCrew picked out the painting, and I added some pictures on either side, but it feels weird. I am not too worried about it. One day, I will come up with something I really like.

On the opposite wall, the dresser is centered with the bed, but off-center to the wall. For a long while we left the space open, and the TV on the dresser.

I didn't want to hang the TV on the wall, because I don't permanently see it staying there, so this past year I bought a bookcase to put the TV on, but to also house Baby F's necessities. His diapers, pajamas, shoes and socks are put in baskets.

Now, there is no door leading into the master bathroom. I knew the space was going to be pretty and I wanted to see it all the time. I haven't yet wished there was a door to the bathroom.

The shower is awesome, but Mr. JCrew likes to joke that we should have installed two showerheads. That was the plan, and the plumber did plumb for two, but I only wanted one. Kinda wish I would have done two. :/

We moved in before the shower door was installed, and boy would it get cold. With such a large shower, it was hard to keep the heat in. Once the door was installed, that problem went away. But no shower door and no door to the bathroom = cold!

I love the arched mirrors over the vanity.

And if there is one thing I would change would be to make the window to the shower be arched to match the mirrors. When I saw a picture of another bathroom that had an arched window, I realized how good it would have looked. Too late for me, but if someone is looking into arched (Tombstone) mirrors, consider other things in the room that could benefit from an arch!

There is so much storage space in the bathroom, it makes things nice. I have a drawer for just my hairdryer!

And a drawer for just my curling iron.

My hair-cutting tools also have their own drawer. I am in OCD heaven!

Now, the toilet closet had a little nook built into it. I designed this nook so that I could store things in the toilet room (like extra rolls of toilet paper!) But I knew I could add shelves myself, so I didn't pay to have it done. However, finding the time to do it was the problem. Well, a year and a half after moving in, the shelves went up!

I was tired of seeing the wipes and air freshener on the tank. It took away from the pictures on the wall. And sure enough as soon as the shelves went up, Mr. Brigglesworth noticed! He saw the pictures and thought I had taken the pictures from the opposite wall and put them there. Then he turned around and saw the other pictures still up.

Side Note: I have an unwritten rule that pictures of myself and Mr. JCrew are not on display in the house, except for our bathroom. The boys have their newborn pictures in the living room and we have family pictures in our bedroom. 

I am so happy with the cabinet space. It looks like a piece of furniture and houses all my towels. I have lots of towels!

Mr. JCrew and I have separate closets. I love it! There are windows in each of our closets and I wanted the light from them to come into the bathroom for as much natural light as possible. So I found doors with glass in them. I originally wanted seeded glass and after many attempts of wrong orders, the mission was impossible and I went with clear glass. I then had a film put on the glass. It is called, "Linen."

I didn't want to see a messy closet, but wanted the light. This answered the request.

Plantation shutters are in the bathroom and closets for window dressing (4.5" louver). This was mainly because all the downstairs windows on the front side of the house had them, so it looks cohesive from the outside, but the divided panels allow us to keep the bottom half closed for privacy while the top portion is open to let light in.

The layout of our bathroom is pretty cool. I had seen a tub in front of a shower and thought it was cool, so that is where I started in designing the bathroom. It was much less wasted space of having a tub and shower side-by-side.

We use our tub A LOT, so I couldn't eliminate it, but also needed a large tub to satisfy Mr. JCrew's request. He didn't have many requests for the new house, but a large tub was one! The tub is still huge and a favorite of ours. We use it just as much as the shower.

The tub is our favorite spot! So easy to get warmed up on a cold day!

The window above the shower is awesome at letting the light in. You can just look up at the blue sky and see clouds. Most of the time, there is no need to turn the light on in the shower. It is lovely.

We were so used to living in a small space, that when we moved into this house, I noticed us all hanging out in the master suite area. It continues to be our morning hub of getting ready for everyone. The boys are spoiled with their swimming pool size tub, that when they move upstairs to their own shower, they will be in for a shock.
I thank Mr. JCrew nearly every day for letting me build this dream house of mine.

- Paint colors: Wall: Benjamin Moore "Revere Pewter". Trim: Benjamin Moore "Simply White"
- Furniture: Broyhill Amhurst Collection
- Bedding: A mix! Shams: Pottery Barn; Duvet: JCPenney; Pillowcases: Target; Sheets: Costco
- Tub: MAAX Optik
- Cabinet Pulls: Rusticware 5" in Weathered Pewter
- Tile flooring: Costco 12"x24"
- Shower Wall Tile: Daltile ceramic that looks like marble.

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  1. love it all. your bathroom is super awesome. also the shelf in your room very cute


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