Friday, July 27, 2018

Drawer Organization

I’m definitely going through a phase of wanting to organize everything! It started with the pantry and then went to the drawers in the kitchen and bathroom.
I did not pay the cabinet maker for custom dividers in the kitchen cabinets and drawers, and I am glad I did not. When we built the house, I did not have an idea of how I was going to store things. I had a plan that was very top level and helped me decide how many drawers, but it was not detailed enough to know what I actually needed.
For the last three years, we used containers we found at the dollar store and Walmart to divide things up and keep it less like a junk drawer. This worked, but I still wasn’t happy. When I’d pull a drawer open, the organizers would shift and move around inside the drawer.

I then started researching inspiration. Something were very custom in using high-end parts, but I was not willing to spend hat much money. I then went to Lowes to see what my wood options were. I found some thin and narrow pieces of wood that I thought would be perfect. I used two different sizes. All were ¼ inch thick but some were 3” and some were 4” wide.
I started with the silverware drawer. It was my main goal to get done with the drawers.

We have two silverware drawers. One has a set of my childhood silverware and the other has my set I bought when I moved out on my own.

I then went to town with the remaining drawers.

I was most excited to tackle my baking drawer.

There was even a true junk drawer that I cleaned out/organized.

That was part of the process. I took everything out of the drawer and slowly added things back in. Somethings found new homes in other drawers and some things were thrown away or donated.

But as I laid items back in the drawer, I put it all together as a puzzle.

I didn’t stop in the kitchen. I moved to the master bathroom!

Mr. JCrew had some drawers that were a mess. Those are now cleared and he can find things!

One of my drawers had my hair ties and clips that were always tangled. They are now separated and I love it! It feels so custom!

After laying items in the drawers, I starting measuring the wood and cut the pieces. Making sure they fit, I started using wood glue and my nail gun to secure it all in place.

I’m pretty excited and am willing to show off what is in my drawers! Not ready to show what it behind my closet doors, but this is a big step! Another step in the process of making sure everything has a home!

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  1. it all looks great. great idea. i need to come up with something for one of my deep drawers. ;)


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